PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2022

Happy holidays! The new year is just days away, and with it comes some new freebies from Sony. So without further ado, there is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games January 2022 available for download on Tuesday, January 4.

For the PS4, there’s Persona 5 Strikers, an action RPG featuring a crossover between AtlusPersona 5 RPG elements and the hack and slash elements of Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors franchise. Taking place several months following the events of Persona 5, the protagonist Joker is transported to an alternate version of Tokyo filled with dangerous shadows.

Next, there’s Dirt 5 available for both the PS4 and PS5. This off-road racing game includes a weather system based on the seasons as players compete in various locales across the globe, as well as introduces four-players splitscreen and a narrative-focused career mode.

Lastly, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Deep Rock Galactic, a co-op first-person shooter. Players explore procedurally generated caves while working together in teams of up to four in PvE combat.

All three PlayStation Plus free games January 2022 titles have Platinum trophies to unlock.

Among them, Dirt 5 is perhaps the easiest to unlock. The game includes two online trophies which are quick to get and do not require boosting. Due to some grinding in order to drive a total of 1,000 miles, the Platinum will require around 25 hours.

The platinum for Persona 5 Strikers is also not particularly difficult, though will require a lot of grinding and around 60 hours of gameplay.

Since Deep Rock Galactic is new to the PlayStation, it is still yet unknown how easy or difficult the Platinum will be. However, just from looking at the trophy list, it appears to include a few trophies that may be difficult to unlock without boosting.

PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2021

The silly season is coming up, and if you’re tired from all that shopping, why not relax at home with a controller in your hand? And so, here is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games December 2021 which are available for download on Tuesday, December 7.

First, there’s Mortal Shell for both the PS4 and PS5. This action RPG, first released eight months ago, plays similar to games in the Dark Souls franchise where players select one of the “shell” characters with different playstyles and engage in melee combat.

Next, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Godfall: Challenger Edition, another action RPG first released on the PS5 a year ago. Play as a member of the Knight’s Order and stop the coming apocalypse in this high-fantasy world.

Finally, on the PS4, there’s LEGO DC Super-Villains which was first released three years ago. Like many games in the LEGO-themed franchise, the game is an action-adventure platformer where players either take control of a villain from the DC Universe, or create a custom character, and battle against a rival group of supervillains.

All three of the PlayStation Plus free games December 2021 line-up have Platinum trophies to unlock.

As you would expect from a LEGO title, the Platinum for LEGO DC Super-Villains is by far the easiest, despite a few tricky races to accomplish, though will take around 30 hours of gameplay.

The Platinum for Mortal Shell is of average difficulty, though it depends on your experience in this genre, and needs around 25-30 hours of gameplay to unlock.

The difficulty in obtaining the Platinum for Godfall: Challenger Edition depends on how many hours you wish to spend farming for gear. Overall, getting all the trophies can be quite challenging, and will take around 70-80 hours.

PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2021

Happy Halloween! Although no horror games being released as PS+ freebies this year. Instead, here is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games November 2021 available for download on Tuesday, November 2.

First for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Knockout City, a sports-like multiplayer first released only five months ago. Following rules similar to dodgeball, players compete in teams to knock out their enemies with a ball. The game includes various modes and maps, as well as different balls with different attributes which can alter the strategy of the game.

Next, also on both the PS4 and PS5, there’s First Class Trouble, an online party game where players must both work together – and against each other – in order to survive a disaster. Taking place on an intergalactic luxurious cruiser, players must deceive others while deducing their way to the goal.

Lastly, for the PS4, there’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, a revamp of the 2012 PS3 title. Based on lore created by R.A. Salvatore and artwork by Todd McFarlane, the game is an action RPG in which the player controls the “Fateless One,” who has returned from the dead and thereby no longer possesses a fate, allowing him to change the course of destiny.

All three titles in the line-up of PlayStation Plus free games November 2021 have Platinum trophies to unlock.

If boosting, than First Class Trouble has arguably the easiest Platinum to unlock, requiring only around 20 hours. However, without boosting, this one can be extremely difficult.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is not particularly difficult, especially for those who have already experienced the PS3 version. However, be prepared to set aside 50-60 hours worth of gameplay.

The Platinum for Knockout City is still too new to get an accurate report, though some players have stated the Platinum is of average difficulty and will require roughly 60-70 hours of gameplay.

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2021

It may be getting colder out there, for some of us. Why bother putting on a sweater and wandering around in the chilly air, when you can stay home and collect those trophies? Sony has just announced their next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games October 2021 available for download on Tuesday, October 5.

First, for the PS5, there’s Hell Let Loose, a multiplayer first-person shooter first released just a little over a month ago. Taking place during WWII, players compete as either the Americans or Germans in 50 vs. 50 online battles. The game includes capture-the-flag and an offensive/defensive mode, while players either lead or participate in units to accomplish their objectives.

Next, for the PS4, there’s the 2015 Mortal Kombat X, the fighting game which includes 24 playable characters, a storymode, and of course online battles. Despite being a bit dusty for a PS+ freebie release, the game did receive some positive reviews in its day.

Finally, there’s PGA Tour 2K21 for the PS4. Get out your golf bag and enjoy a number of licensed courses while playing against professional golfers. The game received positive reviews for its realism, and its appeal to both newcomers and veterans to the PGA Tour golfing franchise.

All three games in the PlayStation Plus free games October 2021 line-up include Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for PGA Tour 2K21 is perhaps the easiest of the three, requiring around 20-30 hours of gameplay, depending on any previous experience with golfing games.

The Platinum for Mortal Kombat X is less grinding than its previous installment, but will still need around 60-80 hours depending on your fighting skills. Finding yourself a boosting partner will certainly make those online trophies easier.

Being a relatively new game, there still isn’t much news on the Platinum for Hell Let Loose, though it has been reported by some players that the Platinum will take well over 100 hours of gameplay.

PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2021

It’s back to school for some, and another month of work for others. Either way, be sure to spend some time relaxing by picking up that controller and checking out the next set of freebies from Sony. Here is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games September 2021 available for download on Tuesday, September 7.

First, there’s Hitman 2, the 2018 sequel in the stealth series and seventh installment altogether. Play as the genetically-engineered Agent 47 who is searching for the Shadow Client bent on destroying the secret organization known as Providence which involves itself in all of the world’s affairs.

Next, there’s Overcooked! All You Can Eat, a simulation game which incorporates both the first and second Overcooked titles. Put on your chef’s hat and start preparing meals for all those hungry customers as quickly as possible.

Lastly, there’s Predator: Hunting Grounds, the 2020 online multiplayer in which one player controls the Predator, out to hunt the team of four human soldiers who have their own mission to complete.

Among the three PlayStation Plus free games September 2021, Overcooked! All You Can Eat and Predator: Hunting Grounds have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for Overcooked! All You Can Eat is perhaps the easiest and less time consuming, especially for those who have already played the previous Overcooked and Overcooked 2, requiring roughly around 20 hours for the Platinum.

The Platinum trophy for Predator: Hunting Ground is extremely challenging if playing legitimately, and significantly easier if boosting. Either way, expect nearly 100 hours of gameplay for this one.

Lastly, while Hitman 2 has no Platinum, unlocking 100% of the trophies is of average difficulty, but required a lot of grinding. Expect around 85-100 hours to obtain all the trophies. Also, keep in mind that the game includes an additional whopping 108 trophies in downloadable content.