PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2019

Due to the arrangement of days this month, we only found out now the next line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2019 today, which will be available for download on Tuesday, August 6.

First, there’s the WipEout Omega Collection, which includes the remastered WipEout HD, as well as the WipEout HD Fury Expansion, and WipEout 2048. Race against your opponents down roller-coaster like tracks in your anti-gravity ship, or take them out with your arsenal of weapons. The game includes both single-player and online multiplayer.

And, there’s Sniper Elite 4, a third-person tactical shooter with stealth elements. Set in Italy towards the end of World War II, players take out enemies from great distances using their trusted sniper rifle to get those X-Ray kills. The game also includes both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.

Both the WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 each have a Platinum trophy to be unlocked.

If you’ve ever played any games in the WipEout series, then you should be familiar with how difficult getting the Platinum will be on the WipEout Omega Collection. This will require some incredible racing skills.

Sniper Elite 4 on the other hand, is more average in terms of difficulty, though will require some online play. Also, completionists should take note that the game has Downloadable Content that brings an extra 35 trophies to the list. The DLC is sold separately from the Sniper Elite 4 freebie.

WipEout HD Trophy Guide

WipEout HD Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  A racing game featuring hovercrafts with weapon support, and the eighth title in the WipEout series. Possessing some incredibly challenging trophies, the Platinum requires serious racing skills.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
WipEout HD n/o 38 Studio Liverpool U.K. 25 7 5 5 13

WipEout HD

Originally released in 1995 on PS One and Sega Saturn, WipEout HD is the 8th in the WipEout series. Piloting a hovercraft, you speed through numerous races, boosting when possible and taking out the competition with an assortment of collected weapons.

You have your straight forward races, Online races, Speed Lap in which you race alone against the clock, and Zone Mode in which you can't touch the sides (much like a fast-paced game of Operation).

The graphics are beautiful, and if you don't like their music, upload your own songs! Your music will sound as though it's part of the game, echoing as you run through tunnels and muffling when taking damage.

Wipeout HD was first released in September 2008 and included 5 online trophies. Unfortunately, the online servers were closed on March 29, 2018. This means those 5 online trophies - and therefore, the Platinum trophy - have become Not Obtainable.

Wipeout HD includes five online trophies. Unfortunately, the servers were closed on March 29, 2018, which means those five online trophies - and therefore the Platinum trophy - are now Not Obtainable. However, there are still 32 offline trophies that can be unlocked. So if you're interested, then read on.

You'll eventually need to obtain gold medals on Elite difficulty in all 87 events in the Campaign. We suggest starting on Novice with Pilot Assist until you get used to the game. Once you feel ready to take off the training wheels, take off the Pilot Assist, then eventually boost the difficulty to Elite.

There are two Zone Mode related trophies: Airbraker for reaching Zone 50 using only airbrakes and and side shifts, and Zone Zeus for reaching Zone 75. If you have the Fury Pack DLC, then the Syncopia track is the easiest for this. If not, then we recommend trying on Anulpha Pass. These two tracks have the least number of sharp turns.

Following that, its a matter of mopping-up whatever offline trophies you still need. Be sure to check out the WipEout HD trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

Good luck!

One of the best Trophy Guides we've found was by Collbreast_23:

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Finally, here's a basic Trophy List:

Sony to Shut Down Online Servers of Various Titles

Sony has just announced they will shutting down the online servers to several of their first-party titles. It was only a few days ago that Killzone 2, Killzone 3, and Gravity Rush 2 was slated to have their servers shut down in Spring of next year. Now, they have added a few more titles to the online chopping block. The following is a complete list of games that will no longer be available for online play, on March 29, 2018:

PlayStation 4
Gravity Rush 2

PlayStation 3
Killzone 2
Killzone 3
WipEout HD
WipEout HD Fury
EyePet Move Edition
EyePet & Friends

PlayStation Vita
WipEout HD
WipEout HD Fury
WipEout 2048

It should be noted that WipEout Omega Collection on the PlayStation 4 is NOT listed to have its servers shut down.

Both Gravity Rush 2 and EyePet & Friends do not have any online trophies, and so their Platinums will remain obtainable after the shut down.

However, Killzone 2 has 10 online trophies, with an extra 24 as part of its DLC, Killzone 3 also has 10 online trophies, WipEout HD has 5, WipEout 2048 has 7, and EyePet has 1 online trophy.

Since the Platinums for these games will become Not Obtainable after March 29, 2018, trophy hunters and completionists may want to finish these up soon.