Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Everything We Know

Rocksteady’s last game, Batman: Arkham Knight, released in 2015, which means it has been seven years since we played a new Rocksteady game. In video game time, that is an eternity. As a four-player co-op shooter, Suicide Squad is a big departure from its previous single-player action games, but we’re excited to see the studio tackle something new… even if it is taking place in a familiar universe.

Task Force X is either looking at a bird or a plane. There is nothing else it could be.

As we head into Summer Game Fest and all the various Not-E3 summer events, we decided to check in on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and outline everything we know about the game ahead of its 2023 release.

Release date

Despite the game’s announcement and follow-up trailers boldly proclaiming a 2022 release window, Rocksteady announced earlier this year that it had made the “difficult decision” to push the game to 2023. On Steam, Suicide Squad is listed with a vague 2023 release date. On the PlayStation Store, the section of the page that would typically feature a release date simply displays the word, “Announced”.

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