PS5 Restock: Multiple Retailers Have The PlayStation 5 In Stock

For the third time this week, PlayStation Direct has the PS5 in stock. If you’re in the market for the PlayStation 5 Digital, Antonline has multiple bundles available now. Each bundle is the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Digital ($450) packaged with an extra DualSense controller ($75), and the official PS5 Media Remote ($30). The bundles cost $555, which is the same cost you’d pay if buying all three products individually. Still, most people want an extra controller, and the remote will come in handy if you plan on streaming or watching Blu-rays on your new console.

See PS5 at PS Direct
See PS5 Digital Bundles at Antonline

You’re still unlikely to find the PS5 on store shelves, and most major retailers are sold out of the PS5, but the situation is starting to mirror what we saw with the Xbox Series X. First, the consoles no longer sell out in minutes, and then they become readily available at at least one major retailer nearly all the time. We are cautiously optimistic that the concept of PS5 restocks may be a thing of the past before long.

For now, we’re continuing to track PS5 restocks across major retailers, so if you’re still looking for one, we’ll update this post every time we see it become available.

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