Who we are and what PS trophies we hunt

Trophy-Hunter is a one-stop site dedicated to providing PS3 and PS4 guides for obtaining platinum PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies on PlayStation. We are based in Yokohama, Japan.

 ps3 trophies and ps4 trophiesWhile there are numerous guides for PS3 and PS4 trophies available on the web, some are geared towards finishing a game’s story through a walkthrough, while others offer only tips to collecting specific PS trophies. This requires the player to search out several different sites just to complete one game.

Our PS3 trophies Database and PS4 trophies Database offer a list of titles, complete with a description, platinum difficulty rating, roadmap with various tips, and a list of links to help earn the platinum for each game. We searched for the most useful resources so you don’t have to.

In addition, we also offer non-PS trophies related articles and news, game reviews, and a comprehensive list of Japanese title that are bilingual for those either living in Japan or who import games.


How Our Difficulty Rating System Works

All PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies have clear guides in our database, and are given a rating out of 5 stars to mark the difficulty in obtaining the platinum. This rating indicates the game’s overall “dedication” necessary, which includes both skills and time-consumption, taking into account the resources provided in the Links page of each title. This does not include online “boosting,” though we do state whether having a boosting partner affects the difficulty of that particular game. Since our rating is for the platinum, it does not relate to any Downloadable Content.


How our difficulty rating works for PS trophies

* Very Easy – These are games which require almost no skill, and can be completed in under ten or twelve hours. Many titles intended for children, such as Disney or Dreamworks games are often given this rating. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.

** Average – Any average gamer, with a few skills and some free time available, should be able to earn a 2-star rated game’s platinum. They may require, for instance, multiple playthroughs or completing the game on a Hard mode. Many titles based on movie adaptions, or – for example – the God of War or Uncharted series, are included in this rating. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.

*** Difficult – These are games which either require a fair amount of skill, such as fighting games like BlazBlue, or a lot of time. Many RPGs, such as the Dragon Age or Fallout series bare a 3-star rating, as they require over 40 hours of game-play. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.

**** Extremely Challenging – These games need either a vast amount of time, or some serious gaming skills, or both. The Rock Band series, for example, requires you not only to be highly skilled with three different instruments, but have over 60 hours of gaming time available. Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t need much skill, but unless you don’t have a day-job, could take you months to acquire the platinum. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.

***** Almost Impossible – This rating is rare, though there are a few games out there which are so challenging, that you can’t help but be amazed when you see this platinum on someone’s profile. Grand Theft Auto IV has a combination of offline trophies which will take forever to collect, in addition to online trophies that are equally difficult. WipeOut HD is so demanding that only a complete master of the game can earn its platinum. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.

n/o Not Obtainable – This is not a rating, but indicates that the platinum can no longer be obtained. Normally this is due to the server being shut down either because the game is old, or has become unpopular. If a game possesses online trophies but the server is no longer active, than those online trophies can no longer be collected, which means no platinum. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.


How Our Links Page Is Organized

Though it depends on the game, our links are always listed in the following order:

1) Walkthroughs 2) Trophy Guides 3) Other 4) Trophy List

When available, we always include more than one link for each category – these are also ranked in order of our recommendation. If there is a game with three walkthroughs, then the first on the list is what we believe to be the most useful. The same applies to the Trophy Guides. The “Other” category may include videos to assist with specific trophies, cheat codes, maps, or links to certain strategies. A basic Trophy List is always the last available link. Available for both PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies.


Terms Explained

Trophy Hunter – Someone who is interested in more than just completing the game, but also dedicates their time to collecting PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies by performing certain challenges throughout a game.

 ps3 trophies and ps4 trophiesTrophy Whore – A person who is often more interested in the trophies than the game itself. These gamers usually possess Platinums to many 1-star rated games, and are not embarrassed to have such titles as Hannah Montana or Sing It Family Hits displayed on their list. We at Trophy-Hunter prefer the hardcore PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies, however, we do not judge gamers of this type, so long as everyone is having fun. See our Defense article for further information.

Completionist – These gamers take their platinums and 100% scores very seriously. They hunt PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies like wild lions. Unlike Trophy Whores who are more concerned with the number of trophies, a Completionist is more interested in collecting every trophy for each game. When a title’s percentage decreases due to available DLC, a Completionist will usually download and collect those trophies as well.

Boosting Partner – Also known as a “Boosting Buddy,” this is either a friend online or someone met in a forum, to assist with with collecting online PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies. This can include taking turns with winning “Sofa vs. Sofa” matches in Buzz! Quiz TV, organizing a co-op game in Dead Nation, not killing one another in a death match game of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, or simply schedule a match together when the game’s online community is no longer there.

Noob – No clue what PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies are all about but wants to start learning to be a Hunter


The Importance Of Trophies

Obviously, there are some gamers who enjoy collecting PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies in a game, and others who are satisfied with simply completing the game itself without worrying about Platinums or their trophy count.

 ps3 trophies and ps4 trophiesWe at Trophy-Hunter respect both types of gamers. In fact, many of the Walkthroughs in the links page of our PS3 trophies and PS4 trophies databases can assist those only interested in playing a title from start to finish.

But for us at Trophy-Hunter, trophies adds an extra dimension to the enjoyment. If not for these individual challenges, we probably wouldn’t bother playing a game on Hard mode, or try to find all the collectibles, or accomplish a set number of head-shots. Trophies are more than just bragging rights. They encourage us to explore more aspects of a game, challenge us, and expand the life of the title so that we feel we got our money’s worth. For more information, check out our Defense article.





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