PlayStation Plus Free Games May 2024

Hopefully the weather outside is finally beginning to warm up, depending on where you live. And if not, why not stay indoors and play some games? Sony has just unveiled their PlayStation Plus free games May 2024 line-up which will be available for download on Tuesday, May 7.

First, there’s Ghostrunner 2, the action-platformer developed by One More Level, and a sequel to the 2020 Ghostrunner. In this first-person game, players traverse environments by jumping, wall-running, and swinging from a grappling hook, while battling enemies with either a sword or special abilities. Play as Jack as he ventures beyond the Dharma Tower in order to battle against a cyber ninja AI cult.

Next, there’s EA Sports FC 24, the football/soccer simulation game developed jointly by EA Vancouver and EA Romania. One of the major upgrades to this version in the series is the PlayStyles, a feature which better represents the real player’s unique styles.

Lastly, there’s Tunic, the 2022 action-adventure game developed by Isometricorp Games. Players control a fox armed with a sword and shield, and venture into a post-apocalyptic fantasy world freely, without any directions or instructions.

Among the PlayStation Plus free games May 2024 line-up, both EA Sports FC 24 and Tunic are available for both the PS4 and PS5, while Ghostrunner 2 is only for the PS5. Also, all three games have a platinum trophy to unlock.

By far, Tunic has the easiest platinum to obtain. Provided that you set the “No-Fail” mode on, and follow a guide, the platinum can be unlocked in just around 10 hours.

For those of you who obtained the platinum on the first Ghostrunner, you should have an idea of what to expect for Ghostrunner 2. However, the platinum for this game is arguably more challenging and time consuming than its predecessor, as there are several more miscellaneous trophies to work on. Expect around 25-30 hours of gameplay for this one, depending on your skills.

Lastly, while the single-player trophies for EA Sports FC 24 are not particularly difficult, especially if you already have experience with this series, the ease of getting the online trophies entirely depends if you are boosting or not. Expect well over 100 hours for this platinum.

Also, as an added bonus, Sony is including the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion this month, giving Destiny 2 players even more reason to avoid going outside.

PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2024

April showers bring May flowers. And April also brings some new freebies from Sony. And so, here is the PlayStation Plus free games April 2024 line-up, which will be available for download on Tuesday, April 2.

First, there is Immortals of Aveum, the first-person shooter released just last year, developed by Ascendant Studios. In a fantasy world, pickpocketing thief Jak finds himself joining an elite order of battlemages in order to save the world.

Next, there’s Minecraft Legends, a real-time action-strategy game also released last year, developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. In this Minecraft spinoff, players must strengthen their defenses and harvest resources while defending the Overworld from an invasion of piglins from the Nether dimension.

Lastly, there’s Skul: The Hero Slayer, an action platformer released in early 2021 by SouthPAW Games. Players take control of a skeleton named Skul who must defend demonkind from the heroes. The game is a 2D side-scroller with randomly-generated levels.

All three PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2024 titles have platinum trophies to unlock. Also, only Minecraft Legends is available for both the PS4 and the PS5. Meanwhile, Immortals of Aveum is only for the PS5, while Skul: The Hero Slayer is for the PS4.

Among these titles, Minecraft Legends is arguable the easiest game to platinum. The difficulty is about average, with both offline and online trophies to unlock, though requiring only around 10 hours of gameplay.

Obtaining the platinum on Immortals of Aveum is also average in terms of difficulty, as the game will need to be completed on Immortal Difficulty setting. Expect around 30-35 hours for this one.

Lastly, Skul: The Hero Slayer can be quite a challenging platinum. The time required is anywhere between 10-25 hours, depending on both your skills and luck.   

PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024

Still cold with plenty of snowstorms in your area? Perhaps it would be better to stay inside and play some games. In that case, Sony will keep you warm with their next line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 available for download on Tuesday, March 5.

First, there is F1 23, the Formula One and Formula 2 racing game by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. Play through the “Braking Point” story mode, or head online for some multiplayer competition.

If racing isn’t your thing, there is also Sifu, a beat ‘em up game developed by Sloclap. Taking place in modern-day China, the child of a martial arts school seeks revenge after the death of his father, the sifu, or master, of the school. The game includes over 150 unique attacks, and interactive environments to help battle the baddies.

Finally, there is Hello Neighbor 2, the survival horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels, as a sequel to the 2016 Hello Neighbor. Uncover the secrets of the sleepy town Raven Brooks, by sneaking about and finding clues to discover why the kids seem to be disappearing.

All three PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 titles have Platinum trophies to unlock. Also, all three games are available on both the PS4 and PS5.

Among these, Hello Neighbor 2 has arguable the easiest Platinum trophy, particularly if you are following a guide. With a guide, the Platinum trophy can be obtained in just a few hours.

The Platinum trophy for Sifu might have been considered a challenging one, but after a patch which allowed playing on an easier difficulty setting, the Platinum is now simply average in terms of difficulty. Expect around 15-20 hours of gameplay for this one, depending on your skills.

Lastly, unlocking the Platinum for F1 23 is not an easy task, particularly due to the online related trophies. Expect well over 100 hours for this one.

In addition to the three PlayStation Plus free games March 2024 line-up, Sony is also giving out The Witch Queen for free this month, which is added content for all those Destiny 2 players out there.

PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2024

Happy Belated New Years!

We, at Trophy Hunter, hope everyone had a successful 2023 of trophy hunting. If you’re looking to start the New Year on the right foot, Sony has some easy Platinums for you to grab. And so, here is the PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2024 line-up of freebies, available for download on Tuesday, February 6.

First, there’s Foamstars from Square Enix, a 4v4 online shooter similar in style to Nintendo’s Splatoon. Players build terrain using foam to create slippery surfaces in order to surf the arena at high speed, while defending against enemy attacks. Select from a roster of characters, each with their own unique foam gun and skills, level up their abilities, and become the next champion.

Next, there’s Rollerdrome developed by Roll7 from the UK. This action game you playing as Kara Hassan, a contestant in the deadly sport Rollerdrome” where players perform roller-skating tricks while also battling enemies with firearms. The game could be labeled as a third-person shooter on roller-skates.

Finally, there’s Steelrising, an action RPG created by French developer Spiders. Taking place in an alternate version of the French Revolution, King Louis XVI rules Paris with his army of clockwork automatons. The player-character is an Automat bodyguard Aegis, who rallies a group of National Guards to take down villains while interacting with real-life historical figures.

Among the PlayStation Plus free games February 2024 titles, both Rollerdrome and Steelrising have Platinum trophies to unlock. Also, both Foamstars and Rollerdrome are available for both the PS4 and PS5, while Steelrising is on the PS5 only.

Since Rollerdrome allows players to enable cheats which do not cancel out the trophies, this game’s Platinum is perhaps the easiest of the trio, requiring only 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Obtaining the Platinum for Steelrising is about average difficulty, though expect to put in quite a few hours; 60-70 hours, to be more specific.

While Foamstars does not have a Platinum trophy, obtaining 100% of the trophies is not particularly difficult and can be done in under 10 hours.

PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2024

We are reaching the end of the year, which may be farewell for some, and good riddance for others. Regardless of how you feel, a new year means new games to play. And so without further ado, here is the next PlayStation Plus free games January 2024 which will be available for download on Tuesday, January 2.

First, there is A Plague Tale: Requiem, the action stealth game developed by Asobo Studios. In this sequel to the 2019 A Plague Tale: Innocence, players take control of the character Amicia, who visits a tropical island with her brother in order to find a cure for a strange illness, but must fight or hide from the island’s population which has turned against them. A Plague Tale: Requiem plays in a similar style to its predecessor, though its combat system has been expanded.

Also, there is Evil West, the third-person shooter by Flying Wild Hog. Jesse Rentier is a vampire hunter, and uses a range of weapons to destroy the demons that lurk in the Wild West.

Lastly, there is Nobody Saves the World, an action-RPG and dungeon crawler by DrinkBox Studios. From a top-down perspective, players control Nobody, a character equipped with a magic wand which allows him to change into 18 different forms, such as a robot, a dragon, and a magician.

All three PlayStation Plus free games January 2024 titles have Platinum trophies to unlock. Also, both Evil West and Nobody Saves the World is available on both the PS4 and PS5, while A Plague Tale: Requiem is for the PlayStation 5 only.

Among these titles, A Plague Tale: Requiem is perhaps the quickest and easiest Platinum to obtain. The game itself is not particularly hard, and player can expect around 25-30 hours to collect all the trophies.

Nobody Saves the World is of average difficulty, with a few challenging dungeons here and there. The game will require at least two playthroughs, and 25-30 hours to obtain the Platinum.

Lastly, Evil West can be quite challenging, particularly since it requires a playthrough on Evil Difficulty. The Platinum may take around 35-40 hours of gameplay, though this is highly skill-dependent.