The following is our collection of original videos, ranging from trophy hunting guides, Let’s Play, and retro-gaming, to demonstrations of new gaming hardware, Japanese games never released overseas, and presentations of the Tokyo Game Show.

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We visit the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, where we see plenty of promotion for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, the already released Monster Hunter Wold: Iceborne, and many others, as well as check out the latest Indie games, and VR titles with their accessories.


Our video presentation of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show. Plenty of big Japanese game titles, some wacky Indie games, and of course Virtual Reality continues to remain popular in the market, with new peripheral, software, and games.


Day Two of the Tokyo Game Show 2017! Here we’re checking out some cool indie games from all over the world, as well as plenty of Virtual Reality games, VR peripherals, and even some new VR goggles hitting the market. Not to mention plenty of gaming merchandise!



Our video presentation of the 2017 Tokyo Game Show – Day One. Lots of big titles coming out, including God of War, Call of Duty: WW II, Detroit: Become Human, and Monster Hunter: World. Also see some wacky Japanese titles, like Gal Gun 2, and Earth Defense Force 5. Watch us get sprayed in the face with air guns, and exhaust ourselves on exorcise bikes!



The conclusion (for now) of Damon Finos’ review of the D3 Publisher series, Simple2000, which were released nearly exclusively in Japan for the PlayStation 2. This time, he demonstrates “THE Herikoputaa” – The Helicopter, a wacky game which not only lets you pilot a remote control helicopter, but gives a glimpse into everyday life in Japan.



Check out some of the events at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, marking the 20th Anniversary of this exhibition. This year saw a mountain of new and innovative indie titles, virtual reality (VR) games, and of course mainstream titles from companies like Sony Entertainment, Capcom, Konami, Koei-Tecmo, 2K, and more!



A review of D3 Publisher’s Simple 2000 series, released almost exclusively in Japan for the PlayStation 2. Also demonstrating one of their more popular titles, “The Chikyuu Boueigun” – The Earth Defense Force.



A video presentation of the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, originally from our sister-site VideoGames and sushi. Take a look at the PlayStation VR (Morpheus) being demonstrated to the public for the first time, and great titles coming from Japan which include Attack on Titan, AKB48, Gravity Rush 2, Street Fighter V, loads of Hatsune Miku games, and more! All complete with female companions in cosplay, and rolling balls!



From our sister-site VideoGames And Sushi, podcaster Damon Finos demonstrates the PlayStation Vita upon its release in Japan on December 17, 2011. See some of its features, how it compares with the PlayStation Portable, a demo of Ridge Racer Vita, and how the Trophies are viewed on the account.