No Man’s Sky Update 1.2 Adds Base Sharing, Planetary Vehicles, and More

Hello Games continues to improve their space explorer No Man’s Sky with their latest 1.2 update, known as the Path Finder Update, going live today on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Here is a basic, yet long, list of things included in the Path Finder Update:

PlayStation 4 Pro Support & Visual Updates

* No Man’s Sky now has support for PS4 Pro 4K rendering, automatic depth buffer decompression, and delta color compression. Also a number of visual updates such as high and ultra resolution textures, high contrast lighting effects, and HDR mode for compatible monitors and TVs.

Online Base Sharing

* Bases can now be shared, for other players to discover and explore.


* A land-base vehicle allowing players to explore, as well as perform combat and mining from the comfort of a vehicle. The Exocraft is available in three types: the Nomad for speed and agility but lacking in cargo space, the Roamer which is all-rounded, and the Colossus with an abundance of cargo space. Also included in the Path Finder Update are Exocraft Races, allowing players to build and race on a circuit on their home planet.

Own Multiple Ships & Starship Specializations

* The huge hanger in your freighter can now be used to store a collection of purchased starships. Also new specializations and classes, such as for the ship’s specific use, and the ability to trade in your current ship for a discount on a new one.

New Shops and Traders

* New shops and traders are added to space stations and bases, as well as a new form of currency.

Base Building Variety

* Over 40 new base-building parts have been added, new materials, new furniture finishes, and new decals.


* New weapon modes have been added, as well as multi-tool specialization and classes, a Permadeath Mode for added challenge, a photo mode for taking pictures, a Discovery Menu to see places explored on the Galaxy Map, and more.

Trophy hunters and completionists should also note that the Path Finder Update also includes 5 new trophies:

Cradle (bronze) – Claim a Base or Buy a Freighter

Navigators (bronze) – Build an Exocraft

Reunion (bronze) – Visit another Player’s Base

Take a Deep Breath (bronze) – Reach the Center of the Galaxy in Survival Mode

To Live Forever (silver) – Reach the Center of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode