War Thunder 1.69 Update Now Live

War Thunder 1.69 Update

Gaijin Entertainment has just made available their War Thunder 1.69 Update, which adds 4K PlayStation Pro support, the sixth nation Italy, and lots of new aircraft and tanks. The War Thunder 1.69 Update, titled Regia Aueronautica, includes the following:


* PlayStation 4 Pro Support – 4K resolution for the PlayStation 4 Pro has been enabled, as well as improved smoke visual effects.

* Italian Aircraft – A new Italian aircraft tree that includes biplanes from the 1930’s to jet fighters of the 1960’s. All players can receive access to the Italian aircraft as they become unlocked for research every few days.

* Ground Vehicles – The M60A2 for the USA, a battle tank with mobility, decent armour, and can fire both regular shells and guided-missles. And the T-55A for the Soviet Union, a developed version of the T-54, with a new gun stabilizer and boosted engine for quick flanking. Also improvements of the British Churchill Mk I, improved versions of the Japanese Chi-To Late, and more.

* Improved Locations – Revamped Kuban ground battle locations for more varied tank combat, Tunisia for air combat, and more.

* Smokescreen Launcher and Smoke Grenades – Smokescreen Launchers have been added, allowing players to hide from enemy fire, and Smoke Grenades that can be deployed from tankers.


For a full list of additions and improvements in the War Thunder 1.69 Update, check out the War Thunder Change Log.


War Thunder is a vehicular combat MMO which combines air, land, and sea battles using weaponry from the Spanish Civil War and the Cold War, while keeping an emphasis on World War II. The game was released in June 2014, and as a free download on the PlayStation Store. War Thunder includes 13 Trophies: 9 Bronze, 3 Silver, and 1 Gold. The 1.69 Update does not add any new Trophies to the list.