Saboteur Trophy Guide

Saboteur Trophy Guide

Saboteur Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  Not a particularly difficult Platinum, but rather time consuming. Expect roughly 40 hours of gameplay.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Saboteur *** 46 Pandemic Studios U.S. 32 11 2 0 0


Saboteur is a third-person open-world action adventure set in German-occupied France during World War II. Players explore both Paris and some of the French countryside while seeking out Mission and Side-Mission quests in both areas that are heavily controlled by the Nazis and other where the French Resistance have a strong influence.

Sean Devlin, an Irish racecar mechanic, seeks revenge against a Nazi colonel after his best friend is murdered, while aiding both the French Resistance and a British SOE agent.

Saboteur received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 74%, praised for its neo-noir visuals, sound, and overall fun, though criticized for its story, enemy AI, and technical glitches.

This is a low 3-star rating, as the trophies in The Saboteur are not particularly difficult, just time consuming. In an open-world, it will take roughly 12 hours to get through the main story. On top of that there are side-missions, boosting all your perks, and getting over a thousand ambient freeplay events completed. Also, there are 4 missable trophies to be aware of.

Expect roughly 40 hours of gameplay for the Platinum trophy.

Since the game is open-world, you're free to go about in any direction towards the Platinum trophy as you please. However, be aware of the four missable trophies: Solid Gold trophy for collecting all ten gold parks, which can be missed if you don't get your five stealth-kill generals before they're gone, No Witnesses and Master Of Disguise trophies for completing a mission while in disguise and not raising any alarms, and the Trick Or Treat trophy for stealth-killing a general while disguised. As long as you get these out of the way, you should be fine.

If you're in need of some direction, we recommend going through the Story Missions first, which are represented by the gold lettered icons. At any time you can take a break if you wish and do something else, or just complete the entire main game. As long as you are wary of the four missable trophies, the choice is yours.

At some point you'll also need to do the Liberation Missions, which are marked by the grey lettered icons.

Then there are the Ambient Freeplay events, which you'll need to complete 99% of the over 1,330 events. Expect this to take up the bulk of your time.

Then there is upgrading all 10 perks, with your ultimate goal of unlocking the Solid Gold trophy. Be sure to check out the Saboteur trophy guide links under our Links tab if you're struggling with this.

Lastly, simply mop-up anything you may still be missing.

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