From Japan: Pay to Sleep with Women in Akihabara!

sleep with women in akihabara

Let’s face it, otaku are people, too.  And sometimes after a long day of heading up to Akihabara, buying video games and filling their backpacks with anime memorabilia, then sitting alone at a maid cafe for an overpriced cup of coffee and some cake, an otaku might not be ready to head home, just yet.  Maybe they want to rest for a bit, even pretend they have a girlfriend lying next to them, for a few minutes.

Well, now they can!

Introducing ソイネ屋 (Soineya) which literaly translates as “together-sleep-shop,” that just opened this year on September 25th.  The concept isn’t entirely new in Japan, but it’s the first time such a place opened in Akihabara, the videogame/anime district of Tokyo.

So, what is a soineya?  I’m sure by the photo, you’re at least mildly curious.
Well, it’s not a brothel, strip club, or even hostess bar.  Instead, it’s a place where the otaku can pay to sleep next to a young woman.  And it’s not cheap!
After paying a 3,000 yen ($35) entrance fee, the basic rate is another 3,000 yen for 20 minutes.  Prices increase every twenty minutes or few hours.  Or, if you’re really tuckered out, fork over 50,000 yen ($580) for a full 10 hours.

There are optional courses, as well.  For 1,000 yen, you can spoon for 3 minutes.  Or, for 2,000 yen, the girl will sleep with her head in your lap for 3 minutes.

Sound crazy?  Maybe even a little sad?  Well, welcome to the lonely life of being an otaku in Japan.