Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12 Adds DLC & Trophies

Episode Prompto

The Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12 is now live, weighing in at 8.65 GB on the PlayStation 4. The Update 1.12 adds the new Episode Prompto DLC, which will be available for purchase and download tomorrow.


The Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12 adds the following:


* Addition of compatibility with Episode Prompto

* Addition of pieces from Episode Prompto to music player tracklist

* Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option

* Conclusion of survey regarding future updates

* Various bug fixes


The Episode Prompto DLC also adds the following 7 Trophies to the list:


* Unseen Asassin (bronze) – Stealth-killed 3 enemies

* Sharp Shooting (bronze) – Took down 30 enemies with crackshots

* Field Photographer (bronze) – Took 10 photos mid-battle using Selfie Shot

* Unbreakable Bonds (bronze) Completed Episode Prompto on Normal

* An Emperor Deposed (silver) – Defeated the kaiser behemoth

* Hidden Trophy (unknown)

* Dogged Rider (gold) – Earned the top ranking on all three Time Trial courses


The Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12, with the Episode Prompto DLC, now brings the total Trophy count to 65.