Murdered: Soul Suspect Trophy Guide

Murdered: Soul Suspect Trophy Guide

Murdered: Soul Suspect Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β All Trophies are either story-related, or for finding collectibles. If following a guide, the Platinum can be obtained in one playthrough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Murdered: Soul Suspect * 49 Airtight Games U.S. 43 2 3 0 0

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a third-person mystery with stealth and horror elements. Players play as a ghost, finding clues and solving riddles, while possessing NPCs and evading demons.

Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts, Detective Ronan O'Conner is killed after being thrown out a window. As a ghost, he must solve the riddle of his own murder, and track down the attacker before he kills again.

Murdered: Soul Suspect received mixed reviews, with an average score of 60%, praised for its story and interesting characters, but criticized for its short length and lack of difficulty.

All the trophies are either story-related, or involve finding collectibles. As long as you don't miss anything during certain stages in the game, it's easy to obtain the platinum in one playthrough. Following one of the collectible guides or walkthroughs in our Links page makes it all the easier.

Expect around 7-8 hours if you're following a walkthrough, and more if you're attempting to do it on your own.

NOTE: The Trophies on the PS4 have a separate list than those on the PS3.

The platinum for this game can easily be obtained in one playthrough, and won't hinder your experience of the story. Aside from all the story-related trophies, the others involve either finding all collectibles in each set, or solving the few side-quests.

There are some areas which you cannot re-enter. Specifically, the Museum. Also, once you enter the Judgement House towards the end of the game, you won't be able to return. This means, make sure you find all the collectibles in the Museum before leaving, and everything else you need before you enter the Judgement House.

Before entering the Judgement House, should only need the following collectibles: 4 Info About My Killer, 4 Julia's Thoughts, 1 Profiler's Memories, 3 Salem's History, 1 Witch Trials History, and all the Ashes To Ashes collectibles. These you will find in the Judgement House. Everything else should be collected before entering.

To be on the safe side, we recommend using one of the collectible guides in our Links page for each area. Once you've completed the mission in that area and are free to roam, go back and find anything you're missing before moving on.

Otherwise, there's nothing else to say, except enjoy the game and have fun being a ghost.