Final Fantasy XV July Update Adds Magitek Exosuits

Magitek Exosuit

An upcoming update to Final Fantasy XV will be adding the Magitek Exosuit, a new outfit which allows the player-characters to become invincible for 30 minutes every twenty-four hours, as well as boost the fishing skills. The free update will be released on July 31.


The Magitek Exosuit was originally planned to be included with the Booster Pack, released on February 21 this year. Yet modification, due to their original simularity to the Power Rangers outfits, casued a delay.


“Due to the delay of its release,” stated Square Enix. “We have decided to distrubute the Magitek Exosuit to all players via the July game update, in place of the Booster Pack (Free Version).”


While the July Update, with its Magitek Exosuits, is not expected to add any Trophies to the list, we can assume they will come in handy when taking down some difficult Hunts or fulfilling some challenging Quests. Previous updates to Final Fantasy XV include the Episode Prompto DLC released on June 26, which added 7 Trophies to the list. The Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades DLC is still expected to be released in the near future, with a date not yet set.