Alone in the Dark Trophy Guide

Alone in the Dark Trophy Guide

Alone in the Dark Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β If following a guide, the Platinum can be unlocked in one playthrough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Alone in the Dark * 50 Eden Games France 43 3 3 0 0

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark, a.k.a. Alone in the Dark: Inferno, a.k.a. Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation, a.k.a. Alone in the Dark 5, is the fifth installment in the horror-game series.

The story opens with Edward, a paranormal investigator, being dragged to the roof of a building to be killed. He is suddenly rescued by an unknown assailant, and as he searches for an exit, Edward witnesses other people either being killed or possessed by a strange demonic force. The player must survive the horror, overcome Edward's amnesia, and uncover the truth of what's happening.

The game received very mixed reviews, ranging from "pretty good" to "terrible." Some reviews, particularly in Europe, gave such low ratings to the game that Atari even threatened lawsuits.

While not as quick to get as, say, Hannah Montana or Terminator: Salvation, Alone in the Dark is one of those games which you can complete in one playthrough. Many of the trophies are either story based, or require you NOT to use the fast forward action to skip any sequences. The others are simple challenges throughout the story.

Read through any of the guides we've linked to, just to prepare ahead of what's required to gain the trophy. In about 8 hours, you should have another Platinum added to your collection.

If you're playing the game purely for the trophies and not too worried about spoilers, check out the Trophy Guides on the Links page and breeze through them. Be aware of which challenges are required in which episodes. Many of them, for example, can be acquired in episode 3.

The fast forward action in the game allows the player to skip a particular area which may be difficult - a strange but interesting addition to the game, making Alone in the Dark feel somewhat like a DVD with boring scenes you can skip ahead. To get the platinum, make sure you never use the fast forward action! There is a trophy for each episode completed without the fast forward.

A simple but effective Trophy Guide is here, created by SwatTJ. The episode in which each trophy can be obtained is listed, and even includes a list of all possible combinations for the Handyman Carnby trophy:

Another simple yet effective Trophy Guide was created by Jeff Belote:

And another Trophy Guide, this one by Faulx:

Mahalo also has a collection of Youtube Walkthrough videos, in case you get stuck:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: