Deus Ex Human Revolution Trophy Guide

Deus Ex Human Revolution Trophy Guide

Deus Ex Human Revolution Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β A cyber-punk first-person shooter, and prequel to the original 2000 PC game. More than one playthrough may be required. Following a guide makes Hard mode easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Deus Ex: Human Revolution ** 50 Eidos Montreal / Square Enix Canada / Japan 42 4 3 0 10

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Though third in the series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the original released back in 2000 on the PC. It's a cyber-punk sci-fi first-person shooter, a mix of Metal Gear Solid, Blade Runner, and William Gibson novels.

Adam Jenson is head of security for Sarif Industries in Detroit, a company which deals in the controversial human augmentation. His ex-girlfriend, Megan Reed, is about to announce a revolutionary discovery, when an attack by heavily armored soldiers burst in, injuring Adam. He's later reborn with augmentation, and travels to Shanghai and Montreal in search of the people behind the attack.

The game received very high scores, with an average of 92%, praised for its nonlinear storyline, interesting characters and subplots, wonderful atmosphere and great graphics.

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Though playing on its hardest setting can get a bit hairy, the game overall is completely doable, and not much more difficult than, say, Uncharted or Assassin's Creed II. To make life easier, you may want to do this in at least two playthroughs. But if you're in a rush - and a real whiz - it's possible to get the Platinum in one, though requires a lot of saving and reloading.

There's basically three trophies which involve a full playthrough - Legend, which requires you to play on the hardest setting without changing it; Pacifist, which means getting through the game without killing anyone; and Foxiest Of The Hounds, which includes getting through the entire game without setting off any alarms. It is actually easier to earn all three of these in one playthrough. Why? Because, as long as you follow one of the walkthroughs in our Links page, you can sneak your way through the game, thereby not killing anyone. Without confrontation, there's no difference between Hard and Easy, except for the boss battles.

However, there are collectibles to find - 29 XP books - and several side-quests which count as missable trophies to earn along the way. These can be tricky if you're trying to earn them while getting the Pacifist trophy at the same time. It's possible, but will require multiple saves and reloads for either failing or accidentally killing someone. This is why it's recommended to earn the platinum in two playthroughs. Hold off on the side-quests until you're no longer worried about the Pacifist trophy, so you're free to kill or be spotted without worry.

For the Deus Ex Machina trophy, simply save your game in the room with 3 panels after defeating Zhao. Once you've chosen an ending and watched it, reload your save and watch the next one. After all four have been seen, the trophy should pop up.

As a final tip, make sure you save often and with multiple saves! This is particularly important should you accidentally trigger an alarm or kill someone, when working on the Foxiest Of The Hounds and Pacifist trophies.

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