Disney Universe Trophy Guide

Disney Universe Trophy Guide

Disney Universe Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  Players dress up as their favorite Disney character and battle enemies in this action-adventure. Though a little time-consuming, the game and its Platinum is easily accomplished.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Disney Universe * 41 Eurocom U.K. 29 7 4 0 0

Disney Universe

Disney Universe is an action adventure, somewhat in style to LittleBigPlanet and the Lego series. Up to four players can join the fun as they collect powerups and coins, while solving puzzles and battling enemies. Players can dress up their characters in different Disney character costumes, while playing through a variety of Disney and Pixar worlds, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc, Aladdin, Tron, and many others.

The player's tour guide of Disney universe, VIC, has been hacked by his nemesis HEX, while the universe is swarmed with evil robot minions. It's up to the player-character to suit up and take down HEX in order to save the Disney universe.

Disney Universe received fairly positive reviews, with an average score of 73% for being overall fun and obviously geared towards younger players, but possessing nothing mind-blowing.

This is a high 1-star rating, as it's much more time consuming than MegaMind or Hannah Montana, but certainly easier than Uncharted or Assassin's Creed II. The Platinum involves two full playthroughs, plus some mopping-up, which involves some tedious grinding. Shouldn't take more than 20 hours to complete.

NOTE: You will need 4 controllers for one of the trophies.

Before you start up the game, head into Options and turn the Help Arrows OFF. This will net you the Old School trophy after completing the first area. Once obtained, you can switch the Help Arrows back on, as they will come in handy later in the more difficult areas.

Also, during your first playthrough, avoid spending your coins until you've acquired the Richer Than A McDuck trophy, which requires having 10,000 coins at once.

There are a number of kill-related and weapon trophies which you can earn during your first playthrough. Check out the trophy guides in our Links page for specific details.

During your second playthrough, you'll want to follow one of the collectible guides under our Links tab, while also keeping your death count as low as possible - under two or three deaths per level. Also, try to play the first level without dying, which will net you the Unstoppable trophy.

After these two playthroughs, you should hopefully have the majority of the trophies. In regards to mopping-up, there are several multiplayer trophies in which you simply need to plug in another controller and play by yourself. You will need 4 controllers for the All Together Now trophy. For the Ultimate Cosmic Power trophy, you will need to start grinding for stars with each costume until they reach level 4, before switching to the next one. Replaying the first Pirates level is the quickest way to obtain this trophy.

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