Gran Turismo 6 Trophy Guide

Gran Turismo 6 Trophy Guide

Gran Turismo 6 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A racing simulation and the sixth major installment in the Gran Turismo series. The Platinum is significantly less time consuming than the previous installment.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Gran Turismo 6 ** 51 Polyphony Digital Japan 44 3 3 0 2

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6, also simply known as GT6, is a racing simulation game, and the sixth major title in the series which began on the PlayStation One, and the second on the PlayStation 3. In addition to the circuits featured in GT5, GT6 also includes Willow Springs International Motorsports Park, Ascari Race Resort, as well as others based in sports stadiums. The game features the same variable weather and time of day features as its predecessor, as well as a dynamic celestial sphere which provides accurate positions of the stars at night.

Gran Turismo 6 received generally positive reviews, with an average score of 83%, praised for its vast selection of cars, graphics, and driving realism.

Far less time consuming than Gran Turismo 5 ever was (before the server went down), which required over 300 hours of gameplay, at least. This game will take you only 50 hours, though it depends on your driving skills. Also, there's no online trophies to worry about. Just driving, driving, and driving.

Basically, you'll want to begin by working through and completing all the racing series. This includes Novice, National B, National A, International B, and International A. Do you best to come in first in order to get the most stars and avoid much mopping-up afterwards.

After that, you can complete the Goodwood Hillclimb events and Lunar missions. For these, you only need to win with a bronze.

Afterwards, it's simply a matter of mopping-up whatever you're missing. Check out the trophy guides in our Links page for details on what you still need to unlock. A few tips: when going for the Fanatical Collector, keep in mind that go-karts are the cheapest to buy, and still count as cars. Also, for the Autobarmy trophy, select the Like the wind: Special Route X track, which are two long straight tracks you can use nicely for grinding, while watching a movie on your smartphone.