How To Train Your Dragon Trophy Guide

How To Train Your Dragon Trophy Guide

How To Train Your Dragon Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A third-person action adventure based on the animated film of the same name. With the exception of a few tricky challenges, the road to the Platinum is short and relatively easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
How To Train Your Dragon * 48 Etranges Libellules / Griptonite Games France / U.S. 32 13 2 0 0

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon is a third-person action-adventure, based on the animated film by DreamWorks of the same name. Aside from the main storyline, the game also includes two-player arcade battle, and online features.

Taking place a year after the events of the film, the Tribe has created Thor'sday Thursday, a festival in which the Vikings hold a dragon tournament. Players control either Hiccup or Astrid, the main characters from the film, and spend their time training dragons before entering the tournament.

How To Train Your Dragon received very mixed reviews, with an average score of 53%, with some critics praising the overall fun factor, while others mentioned it was too difficult for younger players but not satisfying enough for the older.

This is a high 1-star rating, as the game is not a simple cakewalk compared to MegaMind or Hannah Montana, yet it's still vastly easier and less time consuming than the Uncharted or Assassin's Creed series. Two playthroughs are needed, though each will only take 2-4 hours. Most of the time consumption comes in afterwards, when you need to perform all the challenges and training.

A trophy requires you to play the game for 20 hours, in which you can simply set your character in a safe area and leave your PS3 on until the trophy unlocks.

Overall, the majority of the trophies can be earned in around 15 hours, plus an additional 5 hours of leaving your system on.

First, you'll want to play through the story as Hiccup and try to get all the related trophies. Luckily, this game doesn't have any annoying collectibles to find. There are missable trophies related to the Tournaments, so check out the How To Train Your Dragon trophy guide links under our Links tab for details on each one. Make sure to always save before entering the tournament, in case you miss it. There are a few other miscellaneous trophies to watch out for, as well.

Next, you'll want to gun for the Conqueror trophy, in which you'll be spending your time in Arcade mode. Up to this point, we're still playing on the same Save file, thereby adding in the hours required for the Viking Inhabitant trophy.

Next, if you like, you can unlock the Viking Inhabitant trophy if you haven't already done so. Make sure you're still on the same Save file, and have your character stand somewhere safe, such as in the village. Now, just leave your system on and either go to bed, play your Vita, or read a book. Once the 20 hours are up, you will unlock the trophy.

Your final trophy will probably be Glory To Astrid, in which you simply have to replay the game with the Astrid character. If you missed any of the tournament or other miscellaneous trophies, now's your chance to nab them. Also, if you chose to play the game with Astrid BEFORE getting the Viking Inhabitant trophy, make sure you start her play on a separate Save file.