Last Rebellion Trophy Guide

Last Rebellion Trophy Guide

Last Rebellion Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A tactical J-RPG taking place in a fantasy open world. The game is rather easy and linear, requiring roughly 15 hours to unlock the Platinum trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Last Rebellion * 19 Nippon Ichi Software Japan 2 7 9 0 0

Last Rebellion

Last Rebellion is a tactical J-RPG with free-roaming exploration, brought to us by the moderately-sized Nippon Ichi Software company, more famous for their Disgaea series.

Nine Asfel is a Blade whose home was destroyed by war many years ago, and has been sent on a quest by King Arzelide to eliminate the Belzeds - creatures which can only be defeated by both a Blade and a Sealer to destroy both their bodies and souls.

The game received overall poor reviews, with an average score of 34%, and even resulted in an apology by Nippon Ichi Software's American president, Haru Akenaga, for its low quality.

A very linear game which, so long as you follow the guides under our Links tab, you should have no trouble obtaining the Platinum in about 15 hours, depending on whether or not you bother to watch the cut-scenes.

The trophies are all linked to defeating bosses, most of which are story-based, and 8 other optional bosses. Check out the Last Rebellion trophy guide and walkthrough links under our Links tab for strategy details, but generally you want to make your way through the game, defeating bosses and locating the optional ones, before reaching the final boss.

Also, along the way you'll want to collect at least 15 Ganon keys before each boss battle, which can be farmed from regular battles, in order to unlock the chests afterwards.

That's basically the nuts and bolts of the game. Follow the walkthroughs and guides, and the Platinum shall be yours.

Cauchy has created a great Trophy Guide, posted here:

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WishingTikal has created a fantastic video Walkthrough of the game on Youtube. Here's the link to Part 1:

And just for variety, here's another video Walkthrough, this one created by e1337Media:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List: