Planet 51 The Game Trophy Guide

Planet 51 The Game Trophy Guide

Planet 51 The Game Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β An open-world racing game based on the 2009 animated film Planet 51. Despite a few challenging trophies, the road to the Platinum is generally an easy one with some collectibles to find.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Planet 51: The Game * 38 Pyro Studios Spain 23 10 4 0 0

Planet 51: The Game

Planet 51: The Game is a sandbox racer, based on the 2009 animated film Planet 51. Players drive around three different areas, performing races and a number of mini-games, switching between characters depending on the task.

Chuck is an astronaut from Earth who lands on a planet populated with green aliens. After befriending Lem, the two work together to return Chuck to his space ship and head back to Earth.

Planet 51: The Game received negative reviews, with an average score of 42%, criticized for its boring and repetitive gameplay, and an overall feel of not being complete.

While perhaps not as quick and easy as most titles based on children's animation films, Planet 51: The Game still fits under the 1-star category. While a few tasks and challenges may take a couple retries, most of the game is rather easy and involves finding an assortment of collectibles. The only real challenge is having the patience to get through a repetitive and boring game.

Overall, the Platinum can be unlocked in around 18-20 hours or so.

In the beginning, you'll be moving around on a bike, which is extremely slow. So, just keep playing through until you finally upgrade to a car.

Once you have the car and are able to move about more quickly, you can start finding all the collectibles around that area. This includes comic books, jumping through billboards, and hidden cars.

After that, continue playing through the game until you reach the town. Again, take a break and search for more collectibles.

Once you've found them all in the town, progress further through the game, until you reach the desert area. Again, take a time-out and find all the remaining collectibles. After you've unlocked their respected trophies, you can continue with the game until it's completed.

Last, you'll need to reach level 10 in all the tasks. This is actually where the game starts to get very repetitive and grinding. If for whatever reason you need to quit a task, it's still possible to try again, but you will need to restart back at level 1.

After all the tasks are at level 10 and you've unlocked their respective trophies, simply mop-up anything else you're missing until you've got the Platinum.

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