Rango Trophy Guide

Rango Trophy Guide

Rango Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β Continuing the adventures of the pet chameleon turned sheriff from the 2011 animated film of the same name. A quick and easy Platinum that shouldn’t take longer than 10 hours to unlock.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rango * 47 Behavior Interactive Canada 32 13 1 0 0


Based on the Nickelodeon film of the same name, Rango the video game continues the tales of Rango - the pet chameleon turned sheriff landing a series of adventures in the Majove Desert. A third-person platformer, you play out the tales which Rango shares with his friends in the saloon, knocking out enemies and bosses with either melee attacks or a trusted popcorn shooter.

The game was overall praised for its graphics - assisted by ILM - and entertaining humor with some variety in the gameplay, but criticized for its short, 5-hour playthrough.

Like other games based on children's animated films, Rango is a simple game to a quick Platinum, which shouldn't take you longer than 10 hours at the most. Many of the trophies are either story-based or will come naturally over time. Once you've finished the game, a level select allows you to mop up anything you've missed.

Since the modes are stackable, select Hard from the beginning (which isn't that difficult anyway) and work your way through the game. Collect as many stars as you can, and use them to upgrade perks which allow you to gather even more stars. Don't worry, for the Red, White & Blue Sevens trophy - which requires you to collect 200,000 stars - are rolling, so feel free to spend them.

Once you beat the game, you can access a stage select, which will allow you to mop up any missed trophies, as well as farm for more stars, until you've reached the required 200,000. See our Links tab for any necessary assistance on the boss battles.

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