Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophy Guide

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophy Guide

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A fighting game and revamp from the original 2000 title on the PlayStation 2. Even for players to the Tekken series or fighting games in general, the Platinum is both quick and not difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Tekken Tag Tournament HD * 36 Namco Bandai Japan 20 10 5 0 0

Tekken Tag Tournament HD

Tekken Tag Tournament HD is a fighting game, originally released for the arcade in 1999, and for the PlayStation 2 the following year. It was revamped in HD with trophy support for the PlayStation 3 in 2011, and included in the Tekken Hybrid title, along with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, and the 3D movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Players select two characters which can be switched during battle. The game includes the main Arcade mode, as well as Time Attack, Survival, and a bowling minigame called Tekken Bowl.

The original Tekken Tag Tournament received positive reviews, with an average score of 88%, praised particularly for its graphics and visuals, as well as its controls and character moves.

Even for beginner Tekken players - or fighting games in general - this Platinum is not very difficult, nor time consuming. There are no online trophies to worry about. You'll need a couple playthroughs on Arcade mode, a playthrough on each of the other modes, such as Time Attack and Survival, as well as Tekken Bowl, and some mopping-up afterwards.

Experienced Tekken players could probably unlock the Platinum in just a few hours, while beginners may need 5 or 6 hours.

The game doesn't require much of a roadmap, but for simplicity's sake, we've broken the play into separate stages, moving from the easier to the more challenging.

First, there are three trophies you can knock out in Practice mode. Perform five back throws for the Watch Your Back trophy, deal more than 60 damage with a single combo for Serious Damage, and a collective damage of 10,000 for the Juggernaut trophy.

Next, there's Arcade mode, which contains 10 miscellaneous trophies, including Eternal Champion for completing Arcade on its most difficult setting. We recommend first playing on Normal to obtain the other nine trophies, before trying to run through on its hardest difficulty. Though of course, this all depends on your skills.

Then, there are 16 trophies related to the other modes. This includes Time Attack, Survival, and Team Battle. The most difficult ones will probably be the OOHRAAAH trophy for clearing Time Attack within the time limit, and possibly reversing an attack reversal for the Chicken trophy. Check out the Tekken Tag Tournament HD trophy guide links under our Links tab for tips if you're having any problems. Some of these trophies can easily be unlocked with a second controller.

Finally, there are 5 trophies related to the Tekken Bowl. Again, check out the trophy guides under our Links tab if you're having trouble.