Anarchy Rush Hour Trophy Guide

Anarchy Rush Hour Trophy Guide

Anarchy Rush Hour Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  An arcade-style racing game involving crashing, stunts, and car battles. With the exception of the online trophies, the Platinum is not particularly difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Anarchy: Rush Hour ** 46 Gaijin Entertainment Russia 33 9 3 2 0

Anarchy: Rush Hour

Anarchy: Rush Hour is a sort of hybrid between Ridge Racer and Burnout Paradise. It's an arcade-style racing game which includes crashing, stunts and car battles.

The game received luke-warm reviews, with an average score of 68%. With mediocre graphics and mediocre music (though you can swap the tracks with your own playlist) Anarchy: Rush Hour is relatively fun but nothing special.

This game is not particularly difficult, and requires far less time in acquiring the Platinum than Burnout Paradise. With the exception of the online trophies, it shouldn't take you more than 20 hours of gameplay to collect all the offline ones. Our 2-star rating is based on not having a boosting partner to help with the online trophies. If you do, than this rating could be reduced to a single star.

Since none of the trophies are related to the game's difficulty, you may as well select Easy.

Playing the tutorial is not crucial, but it will unlock a Level 2 Booster Device and Level 1 Repair device. Afterwards, the story begins, and from the start you can easily earn the Garage, Buy A Car, Buy A Device, Paint Your Car, and Fit Accessories trophies.

During gameplay, you'll be receiving messages from one of three factions, which lead to the 13 secret trophies. If it seems you're losing during these events, quickly restart the game and try again.

There are two online trophies you'll also need: Finish A Multiplayer Race, and Win 5 Times In Each Multiplayer Mode. These are two trophies which bumped our difficulty rating to 2-stars, as they are not only dependent on your skills, but whether or not you can find anyone online to play. If you're having trouble, check out the boosting forum under our Links tab, and start making some friends.

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