Record of Agarest War Zero Trophy Guide

Record of Agarest War Zero Trophy Guide

Record of Agarest War Zero Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A tactical J-RPG and sequel to the 2007 title Record of Agarest War. Requires a lot of skill and strategy, as well as time for the Platinum trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Record of Agarest War Zero *** 44 Idea Factory Japan 24 17 2 0 0

Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Agarest: Generations of War Zero, also known as Record of Agarest War Zero, is a tactical J-RPG and a prequel to the 2007 title Record of Agarest War. Players progress through the story by visiting points on the map and completing an objective, such as fulfilling a quest or battling an enemy. The battle system involves moving characters to specific positions to provide tactical advantages, as well as chain characters together to form combos. The Soul Breed system allows players to create new characters by pursuing relationships and expanding on the generations. A heroine's costume and dialogue depends on her relationship level with the player. Players who have completed the previous game may load their Clear Data file to unlock items and characters.

Taking place a thousand years before the events of Record of Agarest War, the servant of light Sieghart must travel across the country of Kraltarla to find the pieces of a magical tool which will free the imprisoned blacksmith of the gods and hopefully turn the tables in their battle against the darkness.

Agarest: Generations of War Zero received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 63%, praised for some of its innovative ideas and battle system, but criticized for its repetitive gameplay and lacking an ability to please players outside the round-based strategy RPG fanbase.

This is a high 3-star rating, as Agarest: Generations of War Zero could be considered much more difficult and time consuming than most typical RPG titles. There are some pretty tough boss battles which will require a lot of skill and strategy. Also, a lot of grinding is required, such as for fighting 2,500 battles. Using the guides in our Links page, any player with some RPG experience should be able to eventually get the Platinum. Just be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort.

Expect over 200 hours of gameplay on this one.

Before we begin, there are two things which may help you on your way to the Platinum, if they're available. First, is if you have previously played and cleared the previous title Record of Agarest War, than you can upload your Clear Save file, which will not only allow you to use extra items and characters, but will allow for only one playthrough required.

The second point, is the DLC. Some of it is free, and offers content that will also give you a boost in your gameplay, so you may wish to check out the PSN Store and see what they offer in your region, as well.

If you do not have a Clear Save file, then you will need two playthroughs. If this is the case, you may also wish to hold off on getting any DLC until you are ready to embark on your second playthrough. In this case, your first order of business is to simply play the game on Normal mode from beginning to end. Since you'll need a second playthrough, you needn't worry about missable trophies at this point. Just sit back, and enjoy the game.

Once that's finished, or if you are using the Clear Save file, than you can start a game on Extra mode, which is New Game+. Here is where we'll need to take things seriously. Specifically, the following eight trophies are missable: Monarch, David Attenborough, Dungeon Master, They Mostly Come Out At Night, Truth And Consequences, Hot Springs Eternal, I Know, and Son Of A Beach. Be sure to check out the trophy guides under our Links tab to be aware of these trophies' requirements and so as not to do anything that might cause them to be unlockable during your playthrough.

Finally, if you're having trouble, such as with some of the boss battles, remember to check out some of the walkthroughs and guides under our Links tab.

Good luck!