Backbreaker Trophy Guide

Backbreaker Trophy Guide

Backbreaker Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β An American football game where players create their own teams rather than using real ones from the NFL. Without boosting the online trophies, the Platinum can be challenging to unlock.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Backbreaker *** 30 NaturalMotion U.K. 13 11 5 3 0


Backbreaker is an "American Football" game in which players can create their own teams, rather than using real ones from the NFL. The game utilizes the Euphoria animation engine which creates dynamic animations depending on the situations, much like the NPCs in Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Backbreaker also features online play.

The game received very luke-warm ratings, with an average score of 56%. It was praised for its feeling of realism in regard to the game's physics, but ranked poorly with weak online play and ho-hum graphics.

The 3-star rating is taking into account the online trophies, one of which requires you to win 20 games. If, however, you plan on boosting with someone, the rating can be brought down to 2-stars. The offline trophies aren't too difficult, many of which will come to you without even trying as you play through the seasons. This game is more skill-based than time consuming.

You'll probably first want to work through the Training Camp, which will not only help you get a feel for the game, but also net you the Boys to Men trophy.

Next, create your team and start working through the seasons. Many of the individual challenge trophies will be gained automatically, though if you're having trouble, check out the Backbreaker trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details. Also, if you're working towards the Flawless trophy but are losing a game, simply exit out and start again.

After, you'll have Tackle Alley to deal with, which has been compared by some to the "Challenge of the Gods" in God of War - and just as challenging. You must complete all 100 waves without losing all your players. If you do, you'll need to restart at wave one.

Finally, there's the online trophies. If you're looking for a boosting buddy, check out the Forum under our Links tab.

Given the unpopularity of this game, we were unable to find many useful guides. However, the few we've got here should be enough to help you towards earning that Platinum.

First, we have a great Trophy Guide created by tsugarusatsujin:

If you're having trouble with the Alley Waves, here's a Youtube video by chchamp61 demonstrating Waves 90 to 100:

And here's a few minor Tips from CheatCodeCentral:

If you're looking for a boosting buddy, check out this Boosting Forum on PS3Trophies:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: