Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Trophy Guide

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Trophy Guide

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person survival horror taking place in an open-world amusement park. The game is overall easier than others in the series and requires less grinding for the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record ** 51 Capcom Vancouver Canada 44 3 3 5 0

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is a third-person survival horror taking place in an open world environment. It is a remastered version of Dead Rising 2, with Frank West replacing Chuck Greene as the playable character, and includes a new amusement park area, called Uranus Zone.

The game is a re-imagined scenario, in which Frank West from the original Dead Rising title covers the Fortune City outbreak, rather than Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2. In the story, frank has become a celebrity after the events of the first Dead Rising. But once his fame expires, he decides to appear on the Terror is Reality show. During which, he spots TK and Brandon Whittaker discussing something secretive, and exchanging a mysterious package. Soon afterwards, the zombies break loose and the infection of Fortune City begins. Frank must stay alive, help people in distress, while doing his own investigating.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record received generally positive reviews, with an average score of 75%, praised for its core game and fun photography addition, but criticized for a lack of improvements from the original Dead Rising 2 title.

If you've played the original Dead Rising 2, then Off The Record shouldn't bee too hard. Overall, the trophies are easier and require less grinding. Many of the challenges are similar, such as rescuing people, various kill-related trophies, as well as taking photos reminiscent of the original Dead Rising title.

There are, however, 5 online trophies to worry about, several of which require you to be the host in order to unlock.

Overall, depending on how many playthroughs you require to collect all the trophies, and your luck with having a good online partner, expect to take between 30-45 hours on this one.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 have a separate list from those on the PS3.

The main story takes place over a 72 hour period, with an additional 24 hours. In real time, this equals to about 8 hours for a full playthrough. After which, you can replay the story in a New Game+. For this reason, it's a good idea to have a game plan, and decide which trophies you'll go after during each playthrough, since there are time restrictions. The more you try to do, the more complicated it can get.

We recommend, at least for your first playthrough, to go after the main case files. Also, if you're confident enough, you can go after the 75 different PP stickers throughout Fortune City. Just make sure to check the time, and not be late in reaching the spot for the next main case before it begins.

Once that's over, you can then continue playing New Game+ playthroughs to collect the other trophies you need. This will include grinding to unlock all the skill moves as your character levels up, the Alpha Vs. Omega trophy, and several other miscellaneous challenges. Check out the Dead Rising 2 Off The Record trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details on what you're going for.

The last thing to do is collect the trophies in the Sandbox Mode, which is a free roam without any time restrictions. This is where you'll want to get the 30 gold singleplayer challenges, killing 100,000 zombies, and the multiplayer trophies, in whichever order you choose. Remember, you can only unlock the multiplayer trophies if you are the host.

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