Battlefield Bad Company Trophy Guide

Battlefield Bad Company Trophy Guide

Battlefield Bad Company Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A first-person shooter set in the near future during a war between the U.S. and the Russian Federation. The Platinum is not only fairly challenging, but incredibly time-consuming due to some of the online trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Battlefield: Bad Company **** 51 EA Digital Illusions Sweden 42 5 3 20 0

Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company is a first-person shooter, set in the near future during a war between the United States and the Russian Federation. The player belongs to a four-man squad from B-Company - nicknamed "Bad Company" for their reputation of being troublemakers.

After seizing the city of Zabograd, the squad finds an encampment of mercenaries, known as the Legionnaires, who are paid for their services in gold bars. After chasing a Legionnaire truck loaded with gold into a neutral country, the group decides to abandon their previous mission and go after the gold for themselves.

The game received generally high praise for its realistic destructible environments, impressive weapons and vast multiplayer platform.

The offline trophies aren't particularly difficult, though they require two playthroughs - one on Normal, the other on Hard.

But the online trophies will require many, many hours of gameplay. The Be The Best trophy, unless boosting with friends, will need some serious skills for becoming the top player in a ranked match. And Beans Bullets Bandages requires you to get 10,002 kills. This can be extremely time consuming.

NOTE: As of March 2015, the Catch The Bad Moment trophy has been patched, making it - and the Platinum - obtainable once again.

All the offline trophies can be collected in two playthroughs. Playing the game on Hard will NOT unlock the trophies for Normal.

Start on Normal to get a feel for the game, and use this opportunity to collect most of the trophies along the way. Use the walkthroughs under our Links tab to locate all the gold, for the Gold Digger trophy. Most of the other trophies you'll receive naturally during the course of the game, and remember to blow holes in walls rather than use the door for the Home Wrecker trophy. Once you have all those, then select Hard and mop up the rest of the offline trophies.

The online trophies are what's going to take up the majority of your time. A friend with the game required for the With My Devil Dogs trophy. Others, such as getting 10,002 kills for the Beans Bullets Bandages trophy, and getting 37,000 points to reach Rank 25 for the General Of The Army trophy are the most time-consuming.

Good luck!

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