Cars 3 Driven to Win Trophy Guide

Cars 3 Driven to Win Trophy Guide

Cars 3 Driven to Win Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A racing game based on the 2017 animated film Cars 3. While slightly time consuming and possessing a few difficult challenges, the Platinum is overall easy to unlock.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Cars 3: Driven to Win * 22 Avalanche Software U.S. 0 14 7 0 0

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Cars 3: Drive to Win is a racing game based on the 2017 animated film Cars 3. The game includes a selection of modes to select, such as Racing, Battle Racing with weapons, Takedown, Stunt Showcase where players perform stunts to impress the crowd, Best Lap Challenge, and Playground where players can enter a sandbox area for cruising or performing stunts and challenges. The game offers over 20 customizable character cars, and over 20 tracks set in locations from the film, including Radiator Springs and the Florida International Speedway.

Cars 3: Drive to Win received generally positive reviews with an average score of 74%, praised for its easy controls and handling, and overall fun, particularly with younger players.

This is a high 1-star rating, as the game is slightly more challenging and time consuming than previous titles in the Cars series. Still, there are no online or missable trophies to worry about, everything can be done on Easy mode, and many trophies will unlock without even trying. Only a few challenges may require some replays before getting the necessary gold medals.

The Platinum can be unlocked in roughly 15-20 hours, depending on your skills.

NOTE: A second controller is needed to complete a few Skill Check Challenges. Also, the trophies on the PS4 version have a separate list from those on the PS3.

If you're in a rush for that Platinum, then seet the difficulty level to Easy mode. Then, start working through each of the events and try to get at least one Star for both the Star Collector and Stars All Around trophies. For each event, select a different character car in order to work towards the Everybody's Here trophy, which requires completing at least one event with each of the 22 characters. Also, during this step, work towards checking off some of the Skill Checks to get closer to unlocking the Hall Of Famer trophy.

Next, you can head into the Thomasville Payground mode, where you'll want to earn at least bronze rings on the 12 solo challenges for the King Of The Playground trophy, and collect all 10 hats for the Mack's Hats trophy. You'll also want to continue checking off Skill Challenges here, to further work towards the Hall Of Famer trophy, which includes earning at least silver rings in the challenges.

After that, there are the Solo and Multiplayer Splitscreen Cup Events. For the solo, there are 16 Cup Events, some of which only require bronze while others may need silver, for working towards the Hall Of Famer trophy. The final, Dinoco All-Star Cup, will need to be a gold. Then, head into the multiplayer and plug in a second controller for completing the challenges for the Hall Of Famer trophy.

Finally, it's just a matter of mopping up whatever you still need. This may include a few more skill checks to unlock the Hall Of Famer trophy, grinding a few more laps in Best Lap Challeges for the Best OF The Best trophy, or any other miscellaneous ones you haven't gotten yet. Be sure to check out the Cars 3 Drive to Win trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

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