Prison Break The Conspiracy Trophy Guide

Prison Break The Conspiracy Trophy Guide

Prison Break The Conspiracy Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person action with stealth elements, based on the first season of the Fox TV series Prison Break. More frustrating than difficult, and requires two playthroughs for the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Prison Break: The Conspiracy ** 46 ZootFly Slovenia 35 7 3 0 0

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a third-person action game with stealth elements, based on the first season of the Fox TV series Prison Break. Players control Tom Paxton, a new character to the story, and an agent of the covert organization known as The Company. Tom goes undercover as a prisoner in Fox River State Penitentiary in order to see through the execution of the falsely incarcerated Lincoln Burrows. The game plays out events surrounding the first season of Prison Break, though through the eyes of Tom.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy received generally negative reviews, with an average score of 41%, with criticism ranging from slow controls, inconsistent AI, and for being overall uninspiring.

This game is more frustrating than difficult, but with practice and patience, can easily be Platinumed with enough time. Two full playthroughs are recommended, one on its hardest difficulty setting, the other focusing on using stealth.

Expect 15-20 hours of gameplay to unlock the Platinum.

We recommend two playthroughs for this game. One is playing on Guppy Difficulty, the easiest mode in the game, and focusing on getting the Invisible trophy. The other is playing on Shark Difficulty, the hardest mode, and getting all the other trophies. It's up to you which of these two playthroughs you wish to do first, but we found the run on Guppy mode the most frustrating, so you might want to save this one for last.

When playing on Shark Difficulty, you'll want to try to unlock the majority of the trophies. Many are either story-related or unlocked naturally through accumulation. Though there are a few miscellaneous ones to watch out for, many of which are fighting-related. So make sure to check through some of the Prison Break The Conspiracy trophy guide links under our Links tab as you play the game.

When playing on Guppy Difficulty, you'll want to aim for the Ninja and Invisible trophies, which requires you to complete every chapter without being seen. The reason we recommend doing this on Guppy is so that you'll be able to see the guard's positions on the mini-map. The Invisible trophy is where the frustration comes in. It's easy to make a mistake and get noticed. When this happens, you'll need to start over from the previous checkpoint, and these are a bit far in between, which means a lot of replaying. Just be patient, move quietly, and remember that if you're caught, use the PS button to exit the game and reload.

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