Pure Trophy Guide

Pure Trophy Guide

Pure Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β An off-road racing game with quad-bikes involving stunt performances for speed boosts. Not a particularly difficult Platinum, though the online trophies requires either good skills or a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Pure ** 42 Black Rock Studio U.K. 24 14 3 5 0

Pure Trophy Guide

Pure is an off-road racing game with quad-bikes - or ATVs. While competing in races, players are also expected to perform certain stunts, which will grant speed boosts. There are three race types: Sprint, which is short and consists of 5 laps, Race which is longer and has 3 laps, and Freestyle where players perform as many tricks as possible before running out of gas, all under a mixed soundtrack ranging from rock to house and hip-hop.

As far as racing games go, the platinum on Pure is one of the easiest. There are only 5 online trophies, which can either be earned with your own skills, or easily by boosting with a friend. Many of the trophies consist of completing each of the 10 stages, or performing certain challenges during the races.

Expect anywhere between 25-30 hours for the Platinum, depending on skill and luck with the online trophies if done legitimately.

Before starting out, it's recommended that you check out the No Messing trophy requirements on our Links page. Essentially, you need to complete the World Tour mode with only 42 events. The Pure trophy guide links under our Links tab offer a list of the required events in order to make it at exactly 42. Once that trophy's completed, you can relax and mop up the rest.

Certain challenges are easier to perform on certain races. Comeback Kid is easiest on the Glamis event, Freestyler is perhaps best on Ocotillo Wells, and Full Speed Ahead is best on the Sprint mode. Again, check out the Pure trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

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