Venetica Trophy Guide

Venetica Trophy Guide

Venetica Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** ย A fantasy RPG taking place in 16th Century Italy between the mortal and twilight world. The Platinum is more time consuming than difficult, requiring two full playthroughs.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Venetica ** 51 Deck13 Interactive Germany 42 5 3 0 0


Venetica is a fantasy RPG first released for the PC in Germany in 2009, and ported onto the PlayStation 3 in November 2010. The game takes place in 16th Century Southern Italy where players switch between the mortal world and "twilight world," while making honorable or dishonorable choices which affect the course of the storyline.

After a necromancer has been selected by a council known as Corpus to succeed as the new Death for the next generation, he seeks to bring destruction upon the world. With the previous Death unable to stop this imbalance, his daughter Scarlett must strengthen her powers and defeat the necromancer to save the world.

Venetica received lukewarm to poor reviews with an average score of 52%, praised for its story and overall fun for RPG fans, but criticized for its bugs and technical issues, and poor AI.

While this is a high 2-star rating, Venetica is not particularly difficult. Only time consuming, as you will need two full playthroughs, plus an additional half playthrough. Also, the game has a reputation for crashing, which means you'll need to make manual saves at regular intervals, or risk losing your progress.

Expect roughly 30-40 hours for the Platinum.

Due to the good and bad endings, plus the three different guilds with their each set of quests, the game will require two and a half playthroughs. All your playthroughs can be done on Easy mode. There are a couple missable trophies which we recommend earning in your first playthrough, allowing a second chance in case you happen to miss them the first time around. Finally, be sure to make manual saves throughout the game, as Venetica has been known to crash at times, thereby losing your progress.

For your first playthrough, we recommend focusing on unlocking the Good ending for the Honorable Success trophy. Make sure to select at least the majority of any responses as a peaceful one, and select the Let Death take his Soul choice at the end. When it comes time to choose a guild, select the Order of the Holy Seal. Also, during this run, we recommend working towards the No Drugs trophy for completing the game without using any healing items, and the Quest Master trophy for completing 50 quests.

For your second playthrough, work on getting the bad ending for the Villainous Success trophy by making the un-peaceful responses, and select to slay Victor at the end. Also, use this playthrough to mop-up any remaining miscellaneous trophies you still need. Check out the Venetica trophy guide links in our Links page to see what you still need and their requirements. When it's time to choose a guild, first make a Save which you can reuse later, then select Net of the Mask.

Finally, for your third playthrough, load up the Save you made before selecting a guild, and this time choose the final Hooded Wings. Complete all the Hooded Wings quest, and provided that all other trophies have been unlocked, you should have the Platinum after completing the final Hooded Wings quest.

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