X-Blades Trophy Guide

X-Blades Trophy Guide

X-Blades Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β A hack-and-slash adventure where players battle an onslaught of monsters using both gun-blades and spells. Not a particularly difficult Platinum, though a little time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
X-Blades ** 38 Gaijin Entertainment Russia 22 11 4 0 0


X-Blades is a hack-and-slash adventure where players battle against an onslaught of monsters using both gun-blades and spells. Hidden power-up items allows for upgrades of combat techniques, weapon enhancements, magic, and teleportation, while gained experience points are converted into skills divided between Light and Dark.

After locating an ancient artifact lying in the heart of some ruins, Ayumi finds herself cursed by its incredible power. She must search out for an artifact of the Light in hopes of curing her Darkness.

X-Blades received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 55%, rated as being overall mediocre with criticism towards its repetitive gameplay and controls.

X-Blades is not particularly difficult, only a little time consuming. Two playthroughs are required, one on its hardest mode which actually isn't too difficult. This is followed by some grinding in order to achieve 10,000 kills. The game is certainly easier than most hack-and-slash titles out there.

Expect roughly 20-24 hours for the Platinum.

Due to requiring both a Good and Bad ending for their respective trophies, you'll need to do a minimum of two playthroughs.

We recommend starting your game on Easy mode and going for the Bad ending. This means buying only the Dark spells, to which you'll need to do - and use Dark form - before fighting the Dark at the Temple. Also, avoid spending souls whenever possible until you've unlocked the Best Soul Collector trophy for having 50 million souls on you at one time. Finally, use this first playthrough to collect the artifacts, as well as unlock the miscellaneous trophies. Be sure to check the X-Blades trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you need and their requirements.

Next, start your second playthrough. This time on Pro mode for the Tough Fight trophy, and work towards the Good ending. Use the Armor Costume. If possible, try to work on any remaining trophies you still need at this point.

Lastly, it's time to mop-up what's left. This may include the Famous Monster Eliminator trophy for killing 10,000 monsters if you haven't been doing any grinding earlier. Again, check out the X-Blades trophy guide links to see what you may still be missing and their requirements.