Clash of the Titans Trophy Guide

Clash of the Titans Trophy Guide

Clash of the Titans Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person action based on the 2010 remake film of the same name. The game possesses some challenging trophies, and requires some stages to be replayed multiple times.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Clash of the Titans *** 49 Game Republic Japan 34 12 2 0 0

Clash of the Titans

Based on the 2010 remake of the film Clash of the Titans, the game is a third-person action which follows the same storyline as the film. Gameplay is hack-and-slash, in a similar style to the God of War series, in which players take the role of Perseus who must find a way to make peace with the Greek gods and destroy the Kraken that has been set loose against the mortals.

The game received rather negative reviews, with an average score of 43% for its predictability and repetitive gameplay.

While there are no online trophies to worry about, some of the trophies can be quite challenging. You will need to replay stages multiple times in order to acquire "S" ranks, based on your timing and score. You will also need to collect 91 possible weapons, and upgrade them all.

The 3-star rating is based mainly on overall difficulty and frustration, but also time consumption. Depending on your skills, expect to spend anywhere between 60-80 hours acquiring the Platinum.

You'll first want to play the game from beginning to end, unlocking both story-based and other random trophies along the way. You'll also find weapons, which can later be upgraded. At the end of each quest, you'll receive a rank based on your score in that mission, the highest being "S" rank.

Once you've completed the game, you will need to replay these missions until you've earned an S rank for each one. This is where the difficulty and frustration comes in. If you've found weapons that you like to use, upgrade these so that earning that S rank will be easier.

Once you've earned an S rank for each mission, you will need to mop-up by collecting all the remaining sub-weapons, and upgrading them all. Check out the Clash of the Titans trophy guide links and walkthroughs under our Links tab for further details about sub-weapons and any other trophies you may be missing.

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