You Don’t Know Jack Trophy Guide

You Don't Know Jack Trophy Guide

You Don’t Know Jack Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A quiz game and part of a series which began in 1995 on the PC, that combines high and pop culture with comedy. The online trophies can be tricky without a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
You Don’t Know Jack ** 40 Jellyvision U.S. 25 11 3 4 15

You Don’t Know Jack

YDKJ - You Don't know Jack - is an ongoing quiz series, first released for the PC and Mac in 1995. Blending high and pop culture into a cocktail with comedy and trivia, the game features a host who reads questions to the players, while feeding instructions and occasionally poking fun at the contestants. Questions range from fill-in-the-blank, rhyming phrases to the answers, anagrams, and multiple choice, among countless others.

The game can be played single, multi-player, or online. YDKJ received rather high ratings across multiple gaming magazines, with an average score of 80% for its humor and overall fun.

On your own, the four online trophies can be a bit frustrating to collect. However, with a boosting friend, they are no problem - bringing this rating down from a hard to an easy 2-stars. Using the Links provided, this Platinum is none too difficult - requiring more time and patience than skill. Certainly easier than Buzz Quiz.

We recommend starting with the offline trophies, beginning with a round with Episode 1 - use the Answers section found in the You Don't Know Jack trophy guide links under our Links tab. By simply going through the first episode with the guide, you should collect a large number of trophies already.

Once Episode 1 is complete, plug in a second controller (the more controllers, the better) and work your way through Episodes 2 to 3, "screwing" people 50 times to collect the Enscrewist trophy, collect a million dollars for the 1,000,000aire! trophy, and fill up your rating bar for the Unicorn trophy.

Afterwards, it's just a matter of collecting the four online trophies, and cleaning up what you're missing. Make sure you collect the Slack Attack trophy (get -$1 million on a Jack Attack) AFTER getting the 1,000,000aire! trophy, otherwise you'll have to start over again. For Social Outcast and Turncoat, which requires you to play on certain days, simply adjust the date on your PlayStation. The Consolation Trophy, which requires you to play the game for 5 hours (actually playing - not on pause or leaving the controller) can be rather tiresome. Again, this Platinum is more time-consuming than skill. With a boosting partner, you can collect 100% in under 20 hours.

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