Dance Dance Revolution Trophy Guide

Dance Dance Revolution Trophy Guide

Dance Dance Revolution Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A dance rhythm game that uses the PlayStation Move controller, and the first in the series to be ported onto the PlayStation 3. The game might be challenging to beginners of the series, though not to hard for experts.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dance Dance Revolution *** 55 Konami Japan 46 6 2 0 0

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is the first DDR title to be ported onto the PlayStation 3. It combines both the controller mat and PlayStation Move, so players make use of both hands and feet in rhythm to the music and on-screen instructions.

The game includes 50 songs, which include both popular Western tracks as well as Konami's original titles. Download packs are also available on the PSN to expand your collection. The game also includes a new feature to the DDR series, such as Chain Arrow which grants a score bonus for maintaining a combo through sections of arrows, and Groove Trigger which allows players to cut their lifebar by 50% to increase their points.

Dance Dance Revolution received a wide range of reviews, from negative to positive, with an average score of 62%. Critics accused the scoring system as being "broken," and forcing experienced players to start on easy levels, while positive reviewers noted the sharp visuals and overall great presentation of the game.

Like any music rhythm game, from Rock Band to Hatsune Miku, Dance Dance Revolution's difficulty for the Platinum entirely depends on your skills. If you're a DDR master, then this game could be brought down to a 2-star. If this is your first time and you tend to lack rhythm, Dance Dance Revolution could be brought up to a 4-star. Some of the Club Mode trophies, such as getting a 1000 combo, can be very challenging and frustrating to the newbies.

NOTE: You will need a PlayStation Move controller for the Platinum.

This game doesn't require much of a roadmap, but there are a few easier trophies you can get out of the way in the beginning. Start on Training Mode and play through, which will earn you Welcome To DDR! and Playing The Real Thing.

Next, you can head into Dance Off and collect the two easier trophies here: Dance Party and White-Hot Dance Battle.

Afterwards, you'll be spending the majority of your time in Club Mode. There are a number of miscellaneous trophies here to be earned, some of which you'll acquire naturally as you progress through the songs. Check out the Dance Dance Revolution trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

Have fun!