Child of Eden Trophy Guide

Child of Eden Trophy Guide

Child of Eden Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***** Β An action rhythm game shooter featuring music from Genki Rockets. The game is incredibly challenging and demands master skills for the Platinum trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Child of Eden ***** 50 Q Entertainment Japan 38 9 2 0 0

Child of Eden

Child of Eden can best be described as an action rhythm game, featuring music from Genki Rockets. The player controls a target used to shoot random objects which appear on the screen, which create musical sounds when destroyed.

Despite the strangeness and originality of the game's experience, Child of Eden does contain a story. Lumi, the first person to be born in space, dreams of the Earth which she's never set foot upon. After her death, her memories and feelings - which are conveyed into songs - are preserved and used to create a living persona through a universal internet. However, Project Lumi must be defended from an attacking virus.

Child of Eden received positive reviews, with an average score of 86%, described as a "breathtaking experience" by many online game critics.

Not many games receive a 5-star rating in our database, but Child of Eden is one of the few. Why? Simply because it's extremely challenging to obtain the Platinum. This game can't be measured in terms of time required, because is completely depends on your skills. And receiving Gold Stars on Hard mode can only be achieved by the masters.

This game doesn't require a detailed roadmap. Simply play on Normal difficulty and make your way through the levels. As your skills improve, you can go back and attempt to gain 100% purification for each, then again for the Gold Stars.

After which, simply repeat this process on Hard mode. This is where the game gets extremely challenging. If you manage to gain 100% purification and Gold Stars on Hard mode, then from there you can move on to Hope - which is unlocked after completing Normal. This is where you'll be aiming for the Super Collider trophy, and the Ultimate Compiler trophy. Check the Child of Eden trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

Good luck!

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