Get Fit With Mel B Trophy Guide

Get Fit With Mel B Trophy Guide

Get Fit With Mel B Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A fitness game that uses the PlayStation Move controller and Melanie Brown as the instructor. While the difficulty depends on your physical condition, the Platinum still demands a lot of time and plenty of sweat.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Get Fit With Mel B *** 51 Lightning Fish U.K. 41 7 2 0 0

Get Fit With Mel B

Scary Spice is back! And this time, rather than singing and dancing while hollering "Girl power," she's getting fit, and helping gamers whip into shape along the way.

Introducing Get Fit With Mel B, a fitness "game" staring Melanie Brown, which makes use of the PlayStation's Move controller and Eye Toy. Players can select from an assortment of fitness styles, from Combat to Dance, and chose to use wrist and ankle weights, a fitness step, or just go nuts with the controller itself. Mel B is your personal coach, demonstrating and encouraging you on, while you try to match her moves by watching yourself by use of the Eye Toy.

Given that this is an exorcise "game," don't expect to get the platinum overnight - not unless you want to give yourself a heart attack. While there are a few easy trophies along the way - such as for customizing a workout, trying each fitness type at least once, etc. - you'll basically need to keep in shape for quite awhile (60 work out times at least - depending on your skills and stamina) till eventually you get the platinum.

NOTE: If you have the North American version, you'll need the Move and Eye Toy for this game. Other fitness tools are optional. The European version doesn't require the Eye Toy - instead, simply state how well you did in the exorcises.

There is no real roadmap for this game, as many of the trophies are accumulative. Make sure you select all types of workouts - and select that you have the step and weights, regardless if you do or not. During the first several workouts, Mel B will ask how it went - always tell her "too easy," which will bump up your level. From then on, you will continue to increase in level depending on how often and how well you perform.

If performance is an issue, try wearing a different color shirt than that background of your room, and allow plenty of lighting, to help the Eye catch your movements. Having enough space is also a big plus.

If you're unable to work out every day for 2 weeks, simply adjust the date on your PlayStation before starting the game. This, of course, also works for following the nutritional diet for a week. (And no, you don't actually have to eat the food - just read the recipe each day)

There are a few other minor trophies which are not accumulative, and can be acquired early in the game, such as designing your own workout. Check the Get Fit With Mel B trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

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