Grand Slam Tennis 2 Trophy Guide

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Trophy Guide

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A tennis sports game and a sequel to the 2009 Grand Slam Tennis released on the Nintendo Wii. The game has a steep learning curve, and online trophies that can be challenging without a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Grand Slam Tennis 2 *** 43 EA Canada Canada 32 7 3 4 0

Grand Slam Tennis 2

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is a tennis sports game, and a sequel to the 2009 Grand Slam Tennis released on the Nintendo Wii. The game includes all four Grand Slams, as well as an ESPN Grand Slam Classics mode which relives famous Grand Slam tournament moments from the 1980's to the 2000's. The game supports the PlayStation Move controller, and includes online matches for both singles and doubles.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 received generally positive reviews, with an average score of 74%, praised for its graphics and presentation, but criticized for its difficulty.

The main reason for this 3-star difficulty rating is due to the online trophies: Streak which requires 10 online wins in a row, and Friendly Competition which requires both you and a friend to play with 2 controllers. However, with a boosting partner, these are simple to do, and thereby bringing this rating down to a 2-star.

This game has a steep learning curve, and immediately gets difficult in the third season. Also, there are a number of missable trophies which may require you to play through the seasons several times. Overall, expect around 50 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills.

To make your gameplay easier, you can set the difficulty to Rookie, as well as reducing the number of sets if you like.

After that, you can first complete the 15 total lessons in the Training Tennis School. This will not only help you learn the mechanics of the game, but also net you the You School Master trophy.

Next, you can begin the Career mode, either as a male or female player. There are 10 seasons in total. Work towards getting The Legend trophy by finishing each season as #1. Along the way, you will also be facing some specific players which you'll need to win in order to unlock their respective trophy.

Once that's finished, you can restart the Career mode, this time switching sexes. If you've already unlocked the Collector trophy, you can skip the events and just play to the end.

After that, is the ESPN Grand Slam Classic mode. Winning matches and completing Bonus Objectives will earn you points, needed to unlock Moments.

There are two online trophies - Friendly Competition and Streak - which are easy to unlock if boosted, but difficult on your own. For Friendly Competition, both you and your online partner will need 2 controllers.

Last, just mop up anything you're still missing.