HISTORY Great Battles Medieval Trophy Guide

History Great Battles Medieval Trophy Guide

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A strategy game and part of the HISTORY series, set during the Hundred Years War. Even on easy mode, some of the chapters can be tough – as well as finding players for the online trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
HISTORY: Great Battles Medieval *** 29 Slitherine Software U.K. 8 16 4 3 0

HISTORY: Great Battles Medieval

HISTORY: Great Battles Medieval is a strategy game set during the Hundred Years War which raged between England and France from 1337 to 1453. Players select either the English or French campaign, and control large armies ranging from knights and infantry to bowmen, upgrading their units and battling against the opposite side. Online multiplayer is also included.

HISTORY: Great Battles Medieval received lukewarm reviews, with an average score of 65%, praised for its historical accuracy and overall fun and challenge, but criticized for its controls and lack of presentation.

Arguably one of the more challenging of strategy titles, some of the chapters - particularly on the French campaign - can be very difficult, even on Easy mode. Two playthroughs are required, one for each campaign. Also, there are 3 online trophies, and while they aren't particularly hard, finding people online to play with, is.

If you have a boosting partner, this rating could be reduced to a high 2-star. Expect anywhere between 20-30 hours, depending on your strategy-based skills.

You'll first want to get through the Tutorial, which will not only teach you the ropes of the game, but also net you the Let The Battle Begin trophy.

After that, you can select a campaign and start your first playthrough. Since there's no difficulty-related trophy, you can select Easy if you wish.

It doesn't matter which you start with first, but it should be noted that while the English campaign is longer than the French, it is also far easier. For that reason, we recommend beginning with the English campaign.

The English campaign has 16 chapters, while the French has 10. For the most part, your two playthroughs will be simply trying to complete all the chapters. You'll be unlocking a few trophies along the way - particularly during your first playthrough - such as the number of troop kills, automatically. There are a few other miscellaneous trophies which you can either work towards now, or wait and mop-up after you've completed your playthrough on each campaign. If you're having difficulty, remember that the mini-battles are a chance to upgrade your strength and earn more money.

Once you've unlocked all the offline trophies, there are still 3 online trophies to get: Best 2 Of 3, Best 3 Of 5, and Tactician. These aren't too difficult to get, depending on your skills versus the online player, but finding an online player is the real challenge. If you can't find anyone, we recommend using one of the forums under our Links tab to locate a boosting partner.