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EA Sports MMA Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  A fighting title game which includes boxing rings, circular cages, hexagonal cages, and more. Since the servers were closed in April 2012, the online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – is now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
EA Sports MMA n/o 50 EA Tiburon U.S. 41 5 3 18 0

EA Sports MMA

EA Sports MMA is a fighting title which includes boxing rings, circular cages and hexagonal cages, as well as a variety of rule sets including Unified Rules, Japanese, Vale Tudo, and Strikeforce. Sports announcer Mauro Ranallo, and mixed martial arts fighter Frank Shamrock, lend their voices for the in-game commentary. The game also included an online multiplayer feature, which was shut down 18 months after the game's release.

EA Sports MMA received relatively positive reviews, with an average score of 76%, praised for its graphics and presentation, but criticized for issues with the AI and simplistic career mode.

This wasn't an easy platinum to begin with. But on April 13th 2012, EA closed down their online servers. There are 18 online trophies which now cannot be unlocked, which means the Platinum for EA Sports MMA is Not Obtainable.

However, there are still 31 offline trophies you can gather. So if you're interested, check out the Advice under our Links tab.

With the online server down, the 18 online trophies are no longer unlockable, which means this Platinum is Not Obtainable. However, if you still wish to collect the remaining 31 offline trophies, then head into Career Mode and start on your first playthrough.

Make sure to create a character with a photo game face for the Narcissist trophy, sign with Weapons of Destruction after your three amateur fights for the Weapons Of Destruction Champion trophy, sign with Liga de Combate after your fifth fight for the Liga De Combate Champion trophy, and sign with Strikeforce after your twelfth fight for the Strikeforce Champion trophy. There are a number of other trophies you can earn along the way as well, including winning 20 fights in a row for the Perfectionist trophy.

Once your first playthrough is complete, start up a second playthrough to collect the last three remaining Sign With trophies, plus any other you may have missed during your first playthrough.

Last are the Fight Now trophies for the remaining 15 offline trophies. Some involve completing matches with specific people, others relate to submissions or defeating certain players on legend difficulty. If you have any trouble, check out the EA Sports MMA trophy guide links under our Links tab.