Naughty Bear Trophy Guide

Naughty Bear Trophy Guide

Naughty Bear Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β An action adventure involving a teddy bear on an island of paradise. The Platinum requires some grinding and a few frustrating trophies, while the online can be challenging without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Naughty Bear *** 51 Artificial Mind and Movement Canada 42 5 3 2 16

Naughty Bear Trophy Guide

Naughty Bear is an action adventure in which players control a teddy bear on an island of paradise, and participate in various missions in order to earn Naughty Points. While the characters do not speak, a narrator explains the course of the story, similar to a children's television show.

On Perfection Island, Naughty Bear has trouble making friends with the other teddy bears. After being uninvited to Daddles' birthday party, he decides to extract his revenge by going on a killing spree.

Naughty Bear received mainly negative reviews, with an average score of 31%, criticized for its repetition, awkwardness, and bugs.

While this is a low 3-star rating, the challenge in unlocking a few of the trophies, as well as the amount of grinding required, warrants a score higher than two stars. Getting 28 Platinum naughty cups can be extremely frustrating and will require hours of multiple tries. Also, earning a grand total of 250 million points across multiple playthroughs and replaying levels from the chapter select is a real grind. Finally, there are 2 online trophies which can be a bit tough if you haven't got the skills, or a boosting partner.

Expect 40-50 hours of gameplay, though it depends on your skills and luck with the Naughty Cups.

Since you'll be replaying several episodes on your route towards the Platinum, don't worry about trying to unlock as many trophies as possible during your first, full playthrough. Your main goal should be to simply get through each of the episodes and sub-missions. However, you can work on completing a number of, if not all, the kill-related trophies. Also, work on getting the gold cups, which you'll need for getting all the costumes.

Eventually, after you've gotten a gold cup in all the levels, you should have the costumes unlocked. This means you can next work on unlocking the costume-specific trophies. There are eight in total. Check out the Naughty Bear trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details on what you need to do for these.

Next, the hardest part in obtaining the platinum, is earning the 28 platinum cups for the Nutter!!!! trophy. Since there are 35 levels in total, you can skip 7 of them, such as the Top Hat challenges, which can be pretty tricky. However, we recommend selecting whichever levels you feel most comfortable.

If you managed to unlock the Nutter!!!! trophy, then congratulations! The rest is all about grinding for 250 million points for the Naughtiest Naughty Club trophy, as well as mopping-up any other offline trophies you still might be missing.

Finally, it's time to knock out those two online trophies. The first is simply for finishing first in a multiplayer match for the Leader Of The Pack trophy, and the second is for completing an assault matching without losing a unibear statue for Gloriosity! These, of course, can be done legitimately, though are far easier if you have a boosting partner.

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