NeverDead Trophy Guide

NeverDead Trophy Guide

NeverDead Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β An action game where the player-character loses limbs in battle and must be re-collected. The playthrough on its hardest difficulty mode is no cakewalk, and the online trophies can be challenging without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NeverDead *** 43 Rebellion Developments U.K. 31 7 4 6 0


NeverDead is an action title in which the player-character is immortal, losing limbs when taking damage, which he must then re-collect. Players must protect a female mortal partner, while also battling demons and solving puzzles.

Five-hundred years ago, Bryce Boltzmann was a demon hunter who fought against the Demon King Astaroth. After his wife was killed, Bryce had the Evil Eye implanted within himself, causing him to become immortal. Now, Bryce belongs to NADA, the demon hunting organization. Teamed up with a new partner, Arcadia, Bryce must save the world by fighting against a hoard of demons.

NeverDead received mixed reviews, with an average score of 51%. While some online magazines noted the game for being overall fun, others stated it to be dull with poor mechanics and repetitive levels.

The 3-star difficulty is mainly due to the online co-op trophies. Finding someone to play with can be a challenge in itself. On top of that, the trophies themselves - particularly The Completist - are quite difficult and can be frustrating, depending on both yours and your partner's skills. Also, a playthrough on the game's most difficult mode is required, which is no cakewalk.

Expect at least 20 hours on this Platinum, and far more depending on how many playthroughs you do, and your skills.

Hardcore difficulty is available from the start, and will need to be played in order to unlock the Never Dead trophy. So if you're in a rush for that platinum, and are that confident in your skills, then by all means. However, you may want to consider first playing on Easy to get used to the game itself, then another playthrough on Hardcore. The choice is yours.

Either way, you will unlock a number of story-related trophies along the way. In addition, there are 80 Major Collectibles to find throughout the game, so we recommend following one of the collectible guides under our Links tab. Also, there are some challenge-related trophies which are specific to certain levels. If you also want to get these out of the way on your first playthrough, then check out the NeverDead trophy guide links under our Links tab to see when they become available and what the requirements are. Keep in mind, however, that there is a chapter select. So missing any of these trophies isn't a big problem.

After your first playthrough, and if you haven't already done so, you can start up a second playthrough on Hardcore mode. If this is your next step, then it's also a chance to nab any missed trophies or collectibles along the way, to save time on mopping-up later.

Next, you can head online to unlock six more trophies. Here is where the game gets quite challenging, and the first part is managing to find someone to play the co-op with. If you're not having any luck, consider checking out the boosting forums under our Links tab. The most difficult of these six online trophies will be The Completist, which requires you to clear all the challenges on both Normal and Hard mode.

Finally, head back into your campaign, and mop-up any other trophies you might still be needing. Most likely this will include Big Spender, as well as a few others.

Good luck!

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