Everybody Dance Trophy Guide

Everybody Dance Trophy Guide

Everybody Dance Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o Β A competitive dance game that utilizes the PlayStation Move controller. Since the servers were closed in early 2016, the three online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – has become Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Everybody Dance n/o 34 SCE London Studio U.K. 18 10 5 3 0

Everybody Dance

Everybody Dance - known as DanceStar Party in Europe - is a competitive dance game which utilizes the PlayStation Move controller. Possessing 40 popular tracks, players can either dance solo or compete/co-op with friends in performing dance routines. The game includes different modes of difficulty, as well as the ability to record and create videos of your dancing moves, which can be uploaded either to an online community or directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Overall, the game received an average score of 66% from various online magazines, praised for its originality and presentation, but criticized for its mechanics.

Everybody Dance originally had been a 2-star rating. Unfortunately in February 2016, SCEA decided to close the online servers for all the Everybody Dance games in the series. This title includes 3 online trophies which can no longer be unlocked. As a result, the Platinum for Everybody Dance has become Not Obtainable.

Since the servers were closed in February 2016, the three online trophies - as well as the Platinum - have become Not Obtainable. However, there are still 30 offline trophies that can be unlocked, so if you're interested, then read on.

This isn't one of those games which really requires a roadmap. Just go through the game, dancing to all the songs, and aim for a 5 star score.

You can use the mic on your PS Eye to get the Pitch Perfect trophy, which requires getting a flawless singing rating in 10 performances. However, if you happen to have a microphone lying around, perhaps from having played the Rock Band games, then it's recommended.

The Self Improvement trophy requires you to burn at least 200 calories with dancing each week for a month. If this is difficult due to your schedule, then you can always mess around with the date settings on your PlayStation.

Unfortunately, as it seems to be the case, dancing games on the PlayStation 3 lack popularity. As a result, we haven't been able to find a single trophy guide. Though take our word on the fact that this game doesn't require one, as you're mainly dancing to routines and aiming for 5 star ratings. Here are a few links which you may find useful however, and check out the Advice tab for a few tips.

This is a Forum on PlaystationTrophies for Everybody Dance, where you can post any questions for trophy-hunting problems you may have:

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