Rogue Warrior Trophy Guide

Rogue Warrior Trophy Guide

Rogue Warrior Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A first-person shooter with tactical elements, and loosely based Richard Marcinko’s autobiography of the same name. A short and doable game, though the online trophies are challenging to unlock without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rogue Warrior *** 46 Rebellion Developments U.K. 30 13 2 14 0

Rogue Warrior

Loosely based on Richard Marcinko's autobiography of the same name, Rogue Warrior is a first-person shooter with tactical elements. Visiting such locations as Russia and North Korea, you play the Navy SEAL Marcinko, on a mission to disrupt the North's missile launchers while fighting off deadly terrorists. The game's story itself is fictional, though based on the real Navy SEAL who was responsible for founding the deadly SEAL Team Six and Red Cell.

The game received received poor reviews - an average score of 20% - and criticized for its generic gameplay and bugs.

This rating is without boosting, and taking the game's age under consideration. Online trophies are involved, and since there are so few people playing, they can be difficult to collect. However, with a friend or two, boosting would bring this rating down to a simple, 1-star rating.

The game itself is rather short, though requires three playthroughs for each level. The offline trophies are quire simple, and can be collected during your first playthrough.

Many of the offline trophies are fairly predictable for a first-person shooter - making so many kills with different types of weapons. Most of these, if not all, are attainable during your first playthrough. Follow the guides under our Links tab for extra assistance.

Due to the unpopularity of this game, we couldn't find any walkthroughs. Though the game is so linear, you probably wouldn't need them, anyway. You WILL have to play this game three times, to gain The Geek, Shark Man Of The Delta, and Demo Dick trophies, as they are not stackable - but fear not, for a single playthrough shouldn't take more than two or three hours. Honest.

The online trophies are not particularly difficult, but due to the age of the game (and its low rating scores, making it very unpopular) you may have a difficult time finding people to play with - hence the 3-star rating. If you have a friend or two with the game, or manage to find someone on the internet willing to help boost, you will gain these online trophies in 10 to 20 hours.

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