Fight Night Round 4 Trophy Guide

Fight Night Round 4 Trophy Guide

Fight Night Round 4 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****  A third-person boxing game and part of the Fight Night series. The offline trophies are doable, but the online are extremely challenging and cannot really be boosted.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Fight Night Round 4 ***** 21 EA Canada Canada 4 9 7 8 0

Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 is a third-person boxing game, and a sequel to Fight Night Round 3, which was released on the PlayStation 3 prior to trophy support. The game features 48 licensed boxers, including Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, as well as an online mode in addition to the Create-A-Boxer Legacy mode.

Fight Night Round 4 received positive reviews, with an average score of 88%, praised for its realism and fantastic graphics, as well as fast action and multiplayer.

The majority of the trophies aren't too difficult, and all depend on your video game boxing skills. However, there are 3 online trophies which require you to win and hold a Championship Belt from another holder online. These three trophies cannot really be boosted, and instead only takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck.

While the majority of the trophies may take you around 30-50 hours or so, depending if you're boosting or not, the three Championship Belt trophies will require you to continuously revisit this game for months, if not years.

You can start with Fight Now mode, where you can begin on the easier levels and warm up to the mechanics of the game, as well as knock out your first few trophies, such as Get In The Ring and Walk Like Ten Men for winning 10 matches, and Knock A Sucker Out for getting a knockout.

Once you feel ready, you can try the more difficulty-related trophies and earn Ecko Trunk Challenge, Man Up Manny, David And Goliath, and King Of The Rope-A-Dope trophies.

Next, head into Legacy where you can work on the remaining offline trophies. For the You're In The Game trophy, you don't need an Eye Toy. Instead, you can head to the Game Face Overview at the EA Sports website and create a gameface. Check out the link under our Links tab.

Last, are the 8 online trophies. Some of these can be boosted in private matches, and some in ranked if your partner is patient enough. But it's the three Champion Belt trophies, L, XL, and XXL, that give reason for this game's 5-star difficulty.

Good luck!