SSX Trophy Guide

SSX Trophy Guide

SSX Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  Short for Snowboard Supercross, and part of the SSX series which began on the PlayStation 2. The Platinum is more time consuming than difficult, though requires an online friend for at least one trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
SSX *** 37 EA Canada Canada 14 19 3 5 0


SSX, short for Snowboard Supercross, is a snowboarding game and part of the SSX series which began in 2000 on the PlayStation 2. Players race down snowy mountains while performing tricks to earn boosts. In World Tour mode, players must complete nince descents around the world, including the Himalayas, Mt. Fuji, and Antarctica. Explore Mode allows players to freely take on various mountains and challenges. And Global Events is available for online challenges.

World Tour biker Zoe Payne, along with his friends, have formed Team SSX to conquer the nine most dangerous descents around the world, before his rival Griff Simmons has a chance.

SSX received positive reviews, with an average score of 83%, praised for its overall fun and advancement on its previous titles.

This game is more time-consuming than difficult, with plenty of grinding required. However, there are the odd trophies that can be fairly challenging, such as for getting all gold medals on a range. Also, it should be noted that you'll require a "friend" who owns the game, so you can upload your ghosts to each other.

Overall, expect over 50 hours of gameplay for this Platinum.

You'll probably want to start with the World Tour, as this is the bulk of the game, and will also teach you the controls, as well as earn credits, Geotags, and unlock characters. During your playthrough, you can unlock the Pass The Board Wax by first purchasing the cheapest board once you have enough money, then buy one of each gear and mod to unlock the Gear Up! and I Need A Boost trophies. Also, there are a number of trophies related to playing each Deadly Descent without certain gear. Check out the SSX trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details. You may also want to see some of the badge requirements, as some of these are related to the World Tour.

If you completed the World Tour and are still missing some trophies or badge requirements, don't worry. Now is your chance to replay any individual runs you need to mop up.

Once that's done, you can clean up the remaining offline trophies and badge requirements in the Explore Mode. You'll also need friend's ghosts to beat in each range, to unlock the I Ain't Afraid Of Snow Ghost trophy. So either start making some friends, or visit the co-op forums under our Links tab.

Finally, head into the Global Events to mop-up the last remaining online trophies.

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