WET Trophy Guide

WET Trophy Guide

WET Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person action shooter which combines shooting and swordplay with acrobatic fighting combos. The game has a steep learning curve and a few challenging trophies, though still doable for average players.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
WET *** 41 Artificial Mind and Movement Canada 26 10 4 0 0


WET is a third-person action shooter, which combines swordplay and shooting with acrobatic fighting combos to take out enemies. The player-character's abilities can be upgraded using Style Points, which are awarded after completing each stage based on the player's performance.

Rubi Malone is known as a "problem-solver," a combination of assassin and bounty hunter. A job which involved delivering a stolen briefcase returns to haunt Rubi a year later, thrusting her into a mission that was more than she bargained for.

WET received mixed reviews with an average score of 71%, praised for its colorful character of Rubi Malone, as well as the game's mechanics and style, but criticized by others for its mediocre visuals and levels.

This is a low 3-star rating. WET has a sharp learning curve, and you can expect your first playthrough to be plagued by frustration and many deaths. Also, there is a set of challenges which need to be completed, that can be quite difficult as well. Afterwards, the game mainly just requires time as you do several full playthroughs and grind for some remaining trophies. While more challenging than, say any of the Uncharted or Assassin's Creed titles, WET is still quite doable for any average player with enough patience.

Expect roughly 20-25 hours for the Platinum.

If you prefer to get used to the game first, then start your first playthrough on one of the easier modes. However, if you're in a rush for that Platinum, you'll want to begin your game on Fixer (hard) difficulty, which is required for unlocking the even harder modes.

During your first playthrough, you'll be unlocking a number of story-related trophies, as well as getting used to the controls and combo system. There are also a number of kill-related trophies for certain weapons that you can work towards, which are stackable throughout your playthroughs. Also, there are collectibles to find in the form of "Monkey Toys." We recommend using one of the collectible guides under our Links tab to find them during your first playthrough, in order to unlock the Monkey Curious, Monkey Addict, and Monkey Obsessed trophies. The trophies for completing the games on certain difficulty modes are stackable, so if you are playing on Fixer, you will not only gain the Hard Time trophy, but also the Business As Usual trophy for Hired Gun mode, and the No Sweat trophy for Cake Walk mode.

If you haven't already, then now is the time to play on Fixer (hard) difficulty. If you have, then you can play through on the newly unlocked Femme Fatale (ultra hard) mode, which will unlock the Blood Sweat And Tears trophy upon completion. This is also a chance to work on your kill-related trophies in the process.

Next, there's the Golden Bullets difficulty mode, which is not particularly more difficult than Femme Fatale, but means both your player-character and the NPCs will be engaged in quick kills. Again, work on any kill-related trophies you still need at this point, as well as accumulating 50,000 skill points and upgrading all your weapons and abilities.

Okay, now for the real challenges. First, you'll want to play through each of the chapters in Points Count Mode in order to beat each of their target scores.

Then, head into Boneyard mode, where you'll need to kill all the scorpions for the Scorpio trophy, and get gold medals on all the challenges for the Total Bone-Head trophy.

And with that, all the challenging trophies are out of the way! Anything you may still have left at this point can be mopped-up through the chapter select.

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