Winter Sports 2011 Trophy Guide

Winter Sports 2011 Trophy Guide

Winter Sports 2011 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  An unofficial simulation of the Olympic Winter Games featuring nine different events. While the offline trophies are equal in difficulty to the previous installment, the online are challenging without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Winter Sports 2011 *** 50 DTP Entertainment Germany 40 6 3 4 0

Winter Sports 2011

Winter Sports 2011, also known as Winter Sports 2011: Go For Gold, is the next installment in the revival of the classic series that unofficially simulates the Olympic Winter Games. The game adds snowmobile to its list of disciplines, now bringing the total to nine different events which are divided across over 40 Challenges and 16 Cups. The game also includes online multiplayer and local split-screen.

While few critics reviews Winter Sports 2011, those that did gave very mixed reviews with an average score of 59%, praised for its inclusion of online multiplayer and being an overall improvement over its predecessor.

The majority of the trophies in Winter Sports 2011 aren't any more or less difficult than those in the previous installment. However, the game includes an online multiplayer mode, along with 4 online trophies. Considering both the dead online community as well as the challenge of getting these four trophies legitimately, this game's Platinum has a 3-star difficulty rating.

However, if you manage to find a boosting partner, the online trophies can be earned in roughly 30 minutes, bringing the difficulty rating down to a 2-star.

Expect around 20 hours for the Platinum with a boosting partner, and far more if attempting the online trophies legitimately.

If you're completely new to the Winter Sports series, you may wish to begin things in the Training Mode in order to get used to the controls and practice each of the disciplines. Also, remember you can always check the controls by hitting Start and glancing at the Tutorial.

When you feel you're ready, start a Career and work on winning all 16 Cups, eight of which have a trophy related to them. During this playthrough, be sure NOT to use a wildcard, so as to unlock the Ace In The Sleeve trophy. Also, remember to purchase upgrades along the way, both for working towards the Possessive trophy, as well as for leveling up your team.

Next, start working on fulfilling the Challenges, to which there are 44 in total. Your ultimate goal is to unlock the Challenge Champion trophy for completing them all, though there are 9 individual trophies for each of the nine disciplines which you'll naturally unlock on your way to Challenge Champion. Also, remember to continue purchasing upgrades for the Possessive trophy.

Next, simply mop-up any remaining offline trophies you may still be missing at this point. If you still need trophies for reaching the higher levels, repeatedly winning the Boon Cup is a great way to grind for points.

Lastly, there are four online trophies to unlock: Petty Theft, Turbo Maniac, Sticky Flag, and Exact Fare. These can be done at any time. If you're having trouble finding players, be sure to check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.