Major League Baseball 2K9 Trophy Guide

Major League Baseball 2K9 Trophy Guide

Major League Baseball 2K9 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  An MLB licensed baseball simulation and part of the MLB 2K series. Since the servers were shut down in August 2010, the online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – are now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Major League Baseball 2K9 n/o 50 Visual Concepts U.S. 42 5 2 2 0

Major League Baseball 2K9

Major League Baseball 2K9, also known as MLB 2K9, is an MLB-licensed baseball simulation and part of the MLB 2K series which began on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. New features include simplified pitching to a two-step process, improved hit distribution, the ability to cancel a throw, and more realism to the ballpark. The game also includes online multiplayer, which the servers were closed in August 2010.

Major League Baseball 2K9 received lukewarm reviews, with an average score of 62%, praised for being overall fun, but heavily criticized for its bugs, as well as poor animations.

The game was first released in March 2009, and included two online trophies. By August 2010, the online servers were shut down, which means the two online trophies can no longer be unlocked. Unfortunately, this means the Platinum for Major League Baseball 2K9 is now Not Obtainable.

The game includes two online trophies: I Could Have Been A Contender for playing a ranked game online, and the viral trophy Team 2K. It's a shame the online servers were closed in August 2010, as both of these trophies are rather easy to unlock. However, there are still 47 offline trophies available, which could still make a rather high completion percentage. So if you're interested, then read on.

The game itself doesn't require much of a roadmap, however we recommend you save collecting the 320 player cards for last, as you'll be earning them while working on the other trophies. Otherwise, the trophies can be unlocked in various modes of the game.

There are two trophies you can easily collect from the beginning. One is for creating a player for the It's Alive! trophy, and move the songs around in the 2K beats area for the Two Turn Tables... trophy.

There are 8 trophies in total which relate to achieving the following stats: 100 homeruns, 100 strike outs, and stealing 50 bases. These can be earned quicker by adjusting all the player stats in the game, either by boosting their hitting stats, pitching stats, or making them slow at everything, respectively.

There are 18 miscellaneous trophies you can earn during the single games, through multiple playthroughs. Check out the Major League Baseball 2K9 trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details on each, but many of them involving stealing six bases in a game for Sticky Fingers and Cat Burglar, striking out 15 batters for Gram Some Pine and Pinning Away, or for hitting 4 home runs in a game for Good Things Always Happen In 3's and It's A Good Day To Be A Hitter.

There are 6 trophies related to Franchise Mode. To get these as quickly as possible, we recommend playing 20 games set for 3 innings long, with maxed out stats on the players. After playing the 20 games, simply save it and simulate it to the World Series.

After all that, the last few trophies should be related to collecting the remaining player cards. There are 320 in total. Check out the guide under our Links tab to see what you need to do for whichever cards you're still missing.

Unfortunately, with the servers closed, this is as far as you can go.